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Our Mission

Our mission

Simply put, the mission of the Sovereign Health Group is to help people gain control over their health and the various illnesses that may threaten it. Whether it is a mental disorder or a substance addiction, serious behavioral health problems such as these can manipulate one’s thoughts and cripple his or her actions.

Sovereign’s approach combines the best of both worlds, incorporating a wide range of resources while still honing in on particular areas of concern. First of all, we view each patient with a holistic lens that identifies all of his or her specific needs. Once these needs are acknowledged, our multidisciplinary approach allows us to focus on creating treatment plans that provide patients with a full spectrum of behavioral health services that work for them respectively. Also, all of our programs incorporate educational elements to strengthen cognition and equip patients with the tools necessary to survive in day-to-day life after treatment.

We are committed to providing our patients with the best shot at recovery because everyone deserves to live a life free from affliction. If left to progress without treatment, behavioral health problems can significantly hinder an individual’s life and alter his or her personality to the point of self-destruction. By fulfilling our mission, Sovereign Health can prevent this turmoil and instead instill a potential for progressive growth.

Sovereign Health is a residential rehabilitation treatment company for substance abuse, mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders. Our expert staff provides our patients with cutting-edge treatments, individualized treatment programs and a full continuum of therapeutic care monitored by various licensed health professionals.

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The Sovereign Health Group is a behavioral treatment provider that is committed to providing patients with high-quality and comprehensive care. In order to accomplish this mission that benefits the lives of many, Sovereign Health offers individualized behavioral treatment programs for adults and adolescents with substance use disorders, mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders as well as support services for the entire family.

Sovereign Health is a licensed provider of various levels of care. A number of our facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission and others specialize in providing behavioral health care to specific demographics such as female survivors of trauma and adolescent boys in need of therapeutic schooling. No matter who you are or where you live, our priority is always the person.

From admission and diagnosis to treatment and aftercare, Sovereign’s mission stays on target. Patients begin their stay with us with thorough physical, psychiatric and biopsychosocial assessments conducted by our professional staff. From there, these clinicians and other mental health professionals diagnose coexisting conditions and work with the patient to design a treatment plan that targets and treats all of his or her identified issues. Overall, our behavioral health treatment programs encompass:

  • Accurate assessment and treatment of all diagnosed conditions
  • Comprehensive staff support during one’s stay
  • Staff consisting of medical and psychological professionals
  • Non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential care
  • Treatment plans tailored to patients’ individual needs
  • Intensive outpatient therapy with staff-supported residential living
  • Educational outlets for patients and their families
  • Group therapy sessions with specific foci
  • Multidimensional and holistic approaches to therapy and treatment
  • Continuing care and monitoring services

In addition to these various resources, Sovereign accomplishes its mission for improved public health by providing program members with reachable goals of their own. Those admitted begin by separating themselves from outside influences and embracing the recovery process. As patients demonstrate their competence and progress, they graduate to new levels of privilege and responsibility. Gradually, they learn to care for themselves and grow into healthier human beings a result. When our patients achieve their goals, we achieve ours.

If you have any questions regarding our various facilities and programs, feel free to contact a representative online or by phone.

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