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Admissions For Families

lee_webpage_sovhealth_admissions_admissions-for-families_20150731_LC Families foster fortitude and support for a number of conditions

A strong and stable family is the foundation to any healthy, balanced human being. Overall, the cognitive, emotional and behavioral development of a growing child from birth to emerging adulthood is a critical period for how he or she views and experiences the world. Any major disruptions in this process can lead to a mess of maladies, from mental disorder to addiction.

By no means is any family “perfect,” but in a similar vein, no family should be a source of distress either. A conflictive, domestic environment has no use for anyone, especially if one or more members struggle with an affliction, addiction or both. Even if a person is diagnosed and given substantial care for his or her respective condition, treatment providers need to ensure that their clients return to a safe and sound environment once the initial stay is over.

At Sovereign Health Group, we pride ourselves on being a pioneer of providing excellent care and hosting a number of different treatment options for adults and adolescents, including support services for the family system as well. Our staff is well aware of how important the family unit is to a person’s well-being. Parents, siblings, children and other relatives provide a wealth of support for their kin. While living or consistently interacting with one’s family can make it easy to take them for granted, those at-risk or currently struggling with psychological conditions must know that these near and dear connections can bring you back from the brink.

Sovereign Health Group is a residential rehabilitation treatment company for substance abuse, mental health disorders and dual diagnosis. Our expert staff provides our patients with cutting-edge treatment programming and a full continuum of therapeutic care monitored by various licensed health professionals.

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