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Family Welcome Packet

family welcome packet Greetings from Sovereign Health

At Sovereign Health, we view the family as an integral part of each patient’s individualized treatment plan. The involvement of family members in the treatment process has a significant, positive impact on the patients’ treatment outcomes and recovery. As such, family members are encouraged to participate in weekly family groups and family therapy sessions, actively communicate with the treatment team and provide support to their loved ones while they are in treatment. Not only does family involvement provide positive outcomes for the individual in treatment, but family members are also able to mend broken relationships with their loved ones and families can be brought closer together during this difficult time.

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Family Welcome Packet

Sovereign Health is committed to making the transition into treatment a smooth one for both patients and their families. To mitigate as much stress and uncertainty that can accompany having a family member in a treatment program as possible, families are provided with a Family Welcome Packet that contains important information about the treatment process and what families should expect while their loved one is in treatment with us.

The Family Welcome Packet contains valuable information about our treatment programs and every step of the treatment process, including pre-admission, discharge information and continuing care. The packet also provides important details about our residences, staff, rules and guidelines, the phases of treatment, family involvement and Intensive Family Program and other important information.

We recommend that family members read through the Family Welcome Packet prior to their loved one entering treatment and keep the packet in an area where it is easy to find as it contains phone numbers and other important information.

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About Sovereign Health

Sovereign Health is a behavioral treatment facility that provides evidenced-based and individualized treatment programs for substance abuse, mental health and co-occurring disorders. Our high-quality treatment programs emphasize a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to treatment that helps to facilitate positive outcomes and long-term recovery maintenance for our patients.

To learn more about our programs at Sovereign Health, or if you have any questions about the Family Welcome Packet, please feel free to call us at 866-629-0442 to speak to a member of our admissions team.

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