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Codependency treatment program

codependency treatment programWhat is codependency?

Codependency is a common problem that arises in relationships affected by substance abuse and/or mental health conditions. People with codependency are unable to sustain healthy and mutually satisfying relationships and derive a sense of self-worth and identity from their ability to care for another person.

As part of our behavioral treatment programs at Sovereign Health, we offer family groups and therapy to provide assistance to family members affected by codependency while their loved one is in treatment. During family therapy, patients and their loved ones can address their relationship problems and learn to communicate and interact with one another in healthy and mutually satisfying ways.

Sovereign Health offers evidence-based behavioral health treatments and interventions for substance abuse, mental health and co-occurring disorders. Our licensed health care professionals and expert staff provide patients with cutting-edge treatments and interventions, individualized programs and a full continuum of therapeutic care.

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In the context of substance abuse, codependency was a term used to initially describe the enabling and caretaking behaviors exhibited by the spouses of alcoholics and drug addicts. Codependency is now used to refer to a broad range of relationship problems that arise in dysfunctional relationships affected by underlying substance abuse and dependence, chronic mental and physical health conditions and the presence of sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

Codependency describes the tendency for people affected by the substance abuse and/or mental health condition of their loved one to develop specific behaviors and patterns in their relationships in order to protect their loved ones from perceived or actual harm due to their behaviors. People with codependency are unable to maintain mutually satisfying and healthy relationships because they learn that love is achieved through caring for another person.

People affected by codependency often remain in destructive or emotionally harmful relationships despite the negative consequences. They also learn to define themselves by how well they are able to meet the needs of and provide care for the other person.

People with codependency often display characteristic behaviors, personality traits and patterns in their relationships, including:

  • Low self-esteem and/or depression
  • Chronic anger
  • Lying and dishonesty
  • Lack of trust in self and others
  • Fears of abandonment or being alone
  • Unhealthy dependence on relationships
  • Amplified sense of responsibility for the behaviors of others
  • Extreme need for approval and recognition
  • Become upset when others do not recognize their efforts
  •  Difficulty making decisions
  • Feeling guilty when taking care of themselves
  • Problems with intimacy and boundaries (too rigid or too loose)
  • Difficulty communicating
  • High levels of concern about what others think
  • Embarrassment when they make a mistake or when a loved one makes a mistake
  • Work to please others and trouble knowing when to say “no”

People who demonstrate codependency are at an increased risk for mental health or substance abuse problems themselves, as they place the welfare of another person above their own and often neglect to take care of their own needs. Additionally, the caretaking behavior of a codependent person may enable their loved ones to continue their problematic behavior and prevent them from receiving the treatment they need, which can further magnify the problem.

As an afflicted person becomes more dependent upon the help of the codependent person, the person with codependency feels more needed, and this develops into a never-ending cycle where no one receives the help that they really need.

Treatment for codependency at Sovereign Health

Sovereign Health understands how the behavioral issues of one person related to substance abuse and/or mental health can have a profound impact on the entire family. We offer a family program, which includes educational seminars, family therapy and case management, to provide support and education to family members while their loved ones are in treatment.

Should a family member recognize that a problem such as codependency exists, we can provide families with support in receiving the right treatment. Family members have the opportunity to learn more about their loved one’s condition, the recovery process, the need for continuing care and how codependency affects the entire family. Not only does this program allow families to spend time with the patient, it also allows them to experience healing during group and individual psychotherapy.

Sovereign Health offers behavioral health treatment for substance abuse, mental health and co-occurring disorders. As we examine each patient holistically, we provide our patients with comprehensive programs that include evidence-based treatments and interventions in order to heal any underlying and co-occurring issues such as codependency. If you would like to learn more about our individualized programs for substance abuse, mental health and co-occurring disorders or the admissions process and the financial options available to you, please call our 24/6 helpline to speak to a member of our admissions team.

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