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lee_webpage_sovhealth_admissions_court-services_20150731_LCLegal consequences of mental illness and substance abuse

No one looks forward to dealing with legal problems, but these issues are magnified for those affected by an untreated addiction or mental health disorder. If a person has been charged with a crime and is addicted to a substance or battling a mental health disorder, he or she may greatly benefit from seeking treatment prior to his or her appearance in court.

If the charge is directly related to substance abuse or mental health, a judge may order that the patient receive court-ordered treatment as part of the legal process or that he or she participates in a diversion program or other court service designed to help people affected by mental health and substance abuse. For example, patients may be offered the option of participating in a treatment program in lieu of jail time.

Sovereign Health offers behavioral health treatment for substance abuse, mental health and co-occurring disorders. Our licensed health care professionals and expert staff provide patients with cutting-edge treatments and interventions, individualized programs and a full continuum of therapeutic care.

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Benefits of proactively seeking treatment

People facing criminal charges due to their mental health and/or substance abuse should consider entering a treatment program. The decision to voluntarily attend treatment prior to a court appearance should be discussed beforehand with one’s attorney, but it can assist in the sentencing process and can provide patients with a much needed opportunity to receive the help they need. Treatment for these conditions helps people with legal problems tremendously and makes it less likely that they will relapse and have another run in with the law.

In addition to the legal benefits of residing at a treatment center for substance abuse and/or mental health, patients have an opportunity to repair their damaged relationships, gain a better understanding of their respective condition and learn effective coping skills that can reduce their symptoms. After receiving treatment, patients can use skills and techniques they learn to conquer their problems and regain control over their lives.

Legal services offered at Sovereign Health

Sovereign Health’s behavioral treatment programs for drug and alcohol abuse help provide our patients with treatments to assist them in achieving sobriety, maintaining recovery and resuming their normal lives. Programs are also available for patients affected by mental health conditions or co-occurring disorders to help target and eliminate the behaviors that contributed to criminal activity.

Sovereign Health offers patients a number of court services to assist them while they receive treatment for mental health, alcohol and drug abuse and co-occurring disorders. Court-required documentation such as court reports and letters are provided as part of these services. Health professionals at Sovereign Health are also able to provide patients with court-ordered psychiatric evaluations, progress letters and psychological and psychiatric testing as required by the court. Other court services for mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders are also provided as authorized.

We provide the maximum amount of support to our patients for the duration of their stay, including evidence-based treatments and interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy that assist them in achieving long-term recovery from their mental health condition and/or substance abuse to help prevent future legal problems, including relapse prevention groups, psychoeducation, 12-step meetings, individual and group counseling, random drug testing and complementary and alternative therapeutic activities including yoga, equine therapy, art therapy and medication. Each treatment program is tailored to the needs of the patient in order to provide him or her with the most comprehensive treatments and interventions.

If you would like more information about our treatment programs for substance abuse, mental health and co-occurring disorders or would like more information about the types of court services provided at Sovereign Health, please call the number printed at the top of the screen to speak with a member of our admissions team.

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