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Adrienne Stratton is driven to help people. It’s something that has been with her since she was child and when she started her walk on the road toward recovery, that drive only grew. She witnessed family and friends come together to support her; having this support system made her want to help others even more. Her career path has always included managing both marketing and outreach departments. This was the result of a 25 year long career of successes which made the transition to Outreach Director at Sovereign Health a very easy and natural fit.

She was drawn to Sovereign because even though we are a large behavioral health care company our priority is the care that our clients receive. She appreciated the strong and ethically driven relationships we had with health care professionals and how we were constantly engaging the community surrounding us. She is looking forward to working with the public as well as professionals in the area. Lastly, she isn’t only involved in raising referrals for the company nationwide, but sees herself as an ambassador at the corporate level to help maintain and develop business to business relationships.  Adrienne is an advocate for the “Sovereign Way”.

Looking into the future, she sees the company expanding even further. Having this growth in mind, as Sovereign continues to move into additional states, she sees how the company will begin to support society as it begins to change its current stance on mental health. Since the public continues to learn more and more about addiction and overall brain health through the media, more people will be looking for answers, and she envisions Sovereign as the go-to source of that information.

When she isn’t in the office, Adrienne can be found in the outdoors. She enjoys horseback riding and even competed professionally. Her love of dogs, specifically German shepherds, ties into her philosophy of being thankful and positive for every day we are here.

Adrienne is excited about the future of the behavioral health field. She cannot wait to see how addiction treatment and science come together to create a more humanistic way of treating clients. The history of mental health treatment was dubious at best, but as new discoveries come to light we as a society are moving toward a more positive and healthy way of taking care of those who need it. According to Adrienne, Sovereign Health is one of those companies that is pushing us forward.

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