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It’s been an exciting year of change and growth for Communications at Sovereign Health. Looking back on our accomplishments in 2015, I am particularly pleased by the achievements of the Content Department in ramping up the production of quality content for our websites. The leadership team of Rachael Mattice, Nicholas Mazmanian and Brianna Gibbons has created a strong stable of generalist writers and led the charge to increase production rates by 100 percent over the past few months.

In the coming year, Communications will continue to evolve greatly, growing from a team of writers producing largely static content to a comprehensive digital newsroom of journalists, medical experts, editors and web producers who deliver a range of revolving content. Our newsroom will cover breaking news in the behavioral health field, provide webinars in full video, offer continuing education events and even host roundtable discussions with industry thought leaders. Communications will produce and disseminate this information through our websites as well as social media to become a go-to destination for the latest insights in the industry.

We have excellent strategies in place to achieve this vision, but it will take commitment to accomplish. In the coming year, we will need to ensure that our content is sharp, concise and engaging. Not only must we improve creatively, but we must get smarter about choosing topics that anticipate what readers from all backgrounds will want next. To do this, our writers will need to take on very specialized beats, using their intellectual and reportorial skills to put our products on par with industry periodicals and nationally recognized centers of quality journalism.

As Sovereign becomes a trusted source outside of the company, we will also develop a more streamlined corporate communications policy. To that end, we will soon develop a company intranet that each employee accesses through a customized homepage. There, employees will get updates on HR issues, IT issues and changing policies as well as information on our mission, core values and treatment philosophy. With the growth we have planned for 2016, this tool will be vital in uniting all segments of the company behind a shared vision.

The work we do at Sovereign becomes more important with each passing day. We live in an era where almost everyone has a friend or family member with a behavioral health issue, but a lack of quality information makes getting help more difficult than it needs to be. In the coming year, I look forward to making Sovereign the industry leader in both knowledge and treatment, becoming the place that both families and practitioners trust to change the lives of patients.

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