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white river academy Educational and therapeutic resources for troubled teens

Adolescence is a developmental period defined by learning lessons, building identity and exploring opportunities for growth. However, every human being grows up with a unique set of advantages and challenges along the way. For some, these challenges can arise in the form of impulsive behavior, low self-esteem and even more serious cases of disorder. During this critical time in a teenager’s journey towards maturity, it is imperative that he or she has access to a supportive network. Without the right resources available, those struggling with a manipulative condition can be steered off course and encounter further difficulty in adulthood.

White River Academy (WRA) is a residential treatment center that serves this very purpose for troubled, adolescent boys. WRA is by no means a boot camp or a place for harsh reformation; its staff administers caring, comprehensive guidance for wayward minds. Whether it is for a family residing in Utah, out of state or abroad, the academy offers accredited education, licensed therapy and residential living for its students. Hidden away in the secluded retreat of Utah’s Great Basin, admitted students will also be exposed to nature and gain valuable real-world experiences that will shape them into aspiring adults.

In certain circumstances, removing yourself from a socially abusive or simply unproductive environment can help heal mental, behavioral or emotional issues as well. If this toxic territory happens to be a teenager’s middle school, high school or domestic situation, entering a safe and secure place dedicated to fostering potential can provide a well-needed boost in overall health. Finding one’s place in the world is a monumental task in a growing boy’s life. Contact us and find out if WRA is the right fit for your teen.

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