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Meet Janet Whitney, Eating Disorder Program Director

Janet Whitney, M.A., M.F.T.

Eating Disorder Program Director


Janet Whitney is a California-licensed marriage and family therapist with over 35 years of experience in the field. Her focus is positive psychology and challenging negative beliefs through the law of attraction, spirituality and mindfulness. As author of “Facing Your Fears, Following Your Dreams and Finding Success,” Janet leads patients toward a more fulfilling life while continuing to train other therapists in the “Facing Your Fears” program.

Getting the word out

Eating disorders have the highest fatality rates compared to any other mental illness. Yet, they are one of the most underdiagnosed and undertreated illnesses. Sovereign Health will combat this downward spiral with the launch of its eating disorder program for women.

People with an eating disorder are a tough population to reach. Only one out of 10 individuals seeks treatment. Our aim in these initial stages is to publicize what the program our staff has created, what lengths we have covered to make this a safe and comfortable program and how beneficial it’s going to be for patients.

Our eating disorder program

We have created a program that people will want to come to. Our beautiful and warm house features 11 beds, comfortable furnishings and a swimming pool. We’ve created a new workbook that includes detailed assignments for patients such as writing a letter to their eating disorder. Our trained dietician individualizes each patient’s meal plan and leads experiential outings to grocery stores and restaurants. Patients receive classes on mindfulness, self-esteem, body awareness and communication skills, along with many other group experiences. We also offer equine therapy and yoga training as a part of our all-encompassing treatment.

Our treatment emphasizes positivity above all. We provide our patients with a safe haven where there is hope, belief, faith and a chance to discover strengths they didn’t even know they had. Individuals with eating disorders are amazingly strong. At Sovereign, we take this strength and help them redirect it toward a healthy, fulfilling life.

Our additional programs

More than 50 percent of the patients are depressed and most often are victims to sexual abuse. Our dual diagnosis program helps such patients by working on co-occurring mental disorders through cognitive restructuring. Patients can benefit from regular therapy sessions at both an individual and group level.

Our family support program is specifically designed to help families along the way because they have to make their own recovery. Witnessing my daughter battle her eating disorder gives me a particular understanding of what the families and loved ones go through. As a program director, I consider it my gift to have this deep understanding and the undying passion to prevent it from happening to anyone who is open to our help.

Sovereign’s vision for the future

Everyone at Sovereign is supportive and helpful, from the very top of management to the staff in every department. Such positive environment will allow us to expand this program to a larger population here and in the other Sovereign locations. Our next project is developing an adolescent program in San Diego as we set our aim in the long run to introduce this program all over the nation.


What Our Clients Say

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