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In the Sovereign Health Group Human Resources Department, we pride ourselves on doing what is right for each employee. Our team works diligently to approach every situation uniquely and objectively, which makes our department unlike other HR Teams.

This year we have made incredible leaps and improvements for all Sovereign staff members. The most notable is the transition from a third-party HR vendor called Emplicity to an in-house HR Team. In 2016, we will transition to an HR technology called Ceridian DayForce which we have already started implementing. With full implementation in July, this system will provide automated services including timekeeping, recruiting, payroll, benefits management and recordkeeping, with accessibility to managers and employees alike. All employees will continue to have a dedicated HR team, but also technological support through DayForce.

We’ve also streamlined the onboarding process, increasing the amount of resources within the HR team and reducing the amount of time it takes to bring employees into the company. We now have additional HR resources to expedite the processes and better assist our valued Sovereign, Vedanta and MedsRX staff members across the nation. Additionally, our HR Team in India has grown providing the U.S. team the support needed to provide the higher level of support demanded by our end-users.

The hard work ethic of all team members has driven me, as a service department leader, to continue to provide more robust benefits to employees and look into new ways to show appreciation. Employees can demonstrate appreciation and reciprocate thanks by making a mindful effort to communicate effectively with supervisors and between all of our various departments.

The most significant advancement we have made as a department will be the offering of a more robust health and welfare benefits package for Open Enrollment 2016. All Sovereign companies including Vedanta Laboratories and MedsRx will be changing carriers from Aetna to the Anthem Blue Cross. Not only does Anthem offer a larger network, providing greater accessibility to care, but many employees will see a decrease in their insurance premiums since we strategically aligned the premium structure.

All employees will also be afforded $25,000 of basic life insurance that the company will offer free of cost to the employee as well as providing an EAP program through Anthem Blue Cross. We are also currently reviewing options for a 401K plan, with hopes to launch in 2016.

Our vision expands beyond the benefits program we are implementing now to include different options for wellness programs as we continue to think about the health of our employees. As we make strides in improved behavioral health treatment for our patients, may we not forget to take care of ourselves, our families and our colleagues.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season with sincerest gratitude,

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