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The Marketing Department eagerly looks forward to 2016. In the new year, we will unveil a bold redesign of our brand. The rebranding will include totally new marketing materials to engage with patients in a compelling way. Our websites will feature enhanced graphics and a more intuitive interface to better connect with our audience. Everything Sovereign puts out will be unified by a revamped look and feel to improve our public view.

We are also excited about our packed schedule of upcoming events. From webinars and continuing education classes to open houses and parties for referents, we’ll be increasing our brand awareness with a full calendar of high-profile functions. The most important events on the agenda are, of course, our ribbon-cutting ceremonies, which will introduce each new facility around the country to new populations of potential patients.

As Sovereign opens new facilities, we will take every opportunity to increase our regional marketing. Each facility under the Sovereign umbrella has unique selling points, accreditations, specialties and target markets. These differences can have a major impact on all aspects of a marketing campaign. Our department will need to be able to adjust and fine-tune each aspect of a facility’s campaign to reach its local audience most effectively.

To ensure the effectiveness of our campaigns, we’ll use a new tool called Hubspot. This marketing platform makes all of our campaigns trackable within the sales funnel. Using this technology will give us more tools to analyze our work than ever before. We’ll be able to follow each patient through the funnel, from preadmission to continuing care, to provide valuable reports on the success of each marketing campaign.

The success of our marketing will rely on our ability to remain flexible. As Sovereign grows, we’ll need to work with a steadily increasing number of moving parts. The company will rely on Marketing to use our creativity and flexibility to find the solution to each challenge as it presents itself.

Marketing is a global team of talented individuals at our corporate offices, treatment centers and facility in India. In spite of our physical separation, we all work together to get every marketing deliverable out on time and on budget. Collaboration both within the department and throughout the company will be key to keeping our branding and message consistent in the months ahead.

We are all proud to work for a company that provides outstanding care to patients nationwide as well as education for the benefit of professionals within the industry. In the coming year, Marketing will continue to share our enthusiasm through our work and spread the Sovereign message. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store.

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