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The Sovereign Health Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatments for its vastly growing community of clients. However, in addition to addressing these issues head-on, Sovereign’s staff aims to protect future generations from dependency and disorder as well. The company’s series of monthly newsletters provide the latest news in the fields of mental health and addiction.

The company’s rotating External, Internal, Alumni and White River Academy newsletters cater to patients, their friends and family, clinicians and alumni for vital knowledge that pertains to their respective situations. Furthermore, each issue has a specific theme in mind that reflects the most pressing problems of the month. Anyone can subscribe the newsletters or view any of the articles below. If any of these pieces depict a situation you are enduring in your life, contact a Sovereign Health representative to learn more and prepare for the next big step in seeking treatment.

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  • September 2016

    1. Tonmoy Sharma Discusses Sovereign Health’s Treatment Approach in KMIR Interview
    2. Sovereign Health Launches Groundbreaking, Five-Part NIMBY Series
    3. Compassionate Clinicians Offer Hope at Sovereign Health of Los Angeles’ Addiction Treatment Program
    4. Sovereign Health Celebrates its California Employees
    5. Painkiller Abuse in the NFL
    6. Sovereign Health’s ‘Relationships in Recovery’ Content Toolkit Now Available

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  • August 2016

    1. Personal Recovery Integrating Men’s Experiences (P.R.I.M.E.) Program for Men Over 40
    2. Dr. Anthony Mele Speaks About PRIME During KMIR Interview
    3. The Next Step Initiative
    4. Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act Passes the House
    5. Pennsylvania’s Legislation Approved Medical Marijuana Use for Minors
    6. Music Benefits Mental Health and Encourages Prosocial Behavior

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  • July 2016

    1. Breakthroughs in Drug and Alcohol Treatment Reach Texas
    2. The Problem With Outcome Switching in Clinical Trials
    3. Freeing the Mind From the ‘Capture’ of Mental Illness
    4. Hispanic and African Americans in the U.S. are at a Higher Risk for Mental Health Issues
    5. Troy H’s Escape From 10 Years of Opioid Abuse
    6. Barriers To Treatment & Long Term Recovery
    7. Boost Recovery Outcomes by Treating Shame

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  • June 2016

    1. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is Revolutionizing Depression Treatment
    2. California Smoking and Vaping Age Raised to 21
    3. FDA Approves a New Drug to Treat Psychosis in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease
    4. United by Grief: How Mass Shootings Affect Everyone
    5. Can Trauma Help Us Grow?
    6. 4 Common Myths About PTSD Debunked
    7. Learning the ‘8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise’

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  • May 2016

    1. Researchers Identify Schizophrenia’s Strongest Genetic Link
    2. 7 Myths About Schizophrenia
    3. Where Science and Myth Converge
    4. Going “Beyond Schizophrenia” To Combat Stigma and Spread Knowledge
    5. Treating the Whole Person with Integrative Care
    6. Trauma And Addiction
    7. Schizophrenia and the Increased Mortality Associated With Benzodiazepines

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  • April 2016

    1. Engaging Solutions to Defeat Eating Disorders
    2. The Stress Response, PTSD and the Triggers That Connect Them
    3. An Abnormal Response to an Abnormal Situation
    4. Music Therapy Reduces Meal-related Anxiety for Anorexia Patients
    5. Recognizing the Alcohol-Free Weekend
    6. ‘Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction’ Provides Essential Tools for Addiction Recovery
    7. Dying to Be Thin: Death Rate Among People with Eating Disorders

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  • March 2016

    1. Focusing on Women’s Mental Health Challenges
    2. Lead Poisoning’s Harmful Impact on Physical and Mental Health
    3. Mental Health, Gun Violence and The Constitution
    4. The Madness of March Drinking Holidays
    5. Studies Show a Strong Link Between Inflammation and Mental Illness
    6. The Generational Gaps and Their Roles in Society
    7. Helping Patients Who See Their Disorder as a Friend

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  • February 2016

    1. Screening is Key During National Eating Disorders Awareness
    2. How Oxytocin Could be the Next Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa
    3. Crisis Management and the Treatment of Trauma Amongst Substance Abusers
    4. Ketamine Could Break Through Depression
    5. The Pros and Cons of Being a Leap-Year Baby
    6. How You Listen May Determine your Mental Health
    7. What to Know Before Seeking One of these Professionals

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  • January 2016

    1. A Surprising New Strategy in Drug Law
    2. Let’s Opt Outside with Light Therapy to Treat Depression
    3. Gene Variant Linked to Psychosis, Cognitive Impairment in Bipolar Disorder
    4. 11 Ways to find Relief from Negative Emotions
    5. A Path to Sobriety
    6. How do we find what everyone wants?
    7. Science Shows a Powerful Connection

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  • December 2015

    1. New Injectable Schizophrenia Drug Improves Symptom Management
    2. Tis the Season for Alcohol-Related Traffic Accidents
    3. 7 Ways to Prevent Loneliness During the Holidays
    4. ‘Enjoy the Holidays’ for What They are Meant to be
    5. 4 Myths About Schizophrenia
    6. The Void Social Media Fills
    7. Staff Highlight

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  • November 2015

    1. Depression And Pancreatic Cancer Linked, Studies Show
    2. Poor Glycemic Control Linked To Dementia, World’s Largest Study Shows
    3. Embrace The Family ‘Black Sheep’ This Holiday
    4. Anxiety And Physical Illness
    5. The Oft-Ignored Link Between Mental Illness And Hypothyroid Disease
    6. Working Towards A Thrive-ing Nation!
    7. Medical Marijuana: The Science Behind THC And CBD
    8. Can Your Birthday Predict Your Mental Health?

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  • October 2015

    1. Mental illness in film: The importance of realistic portrayals
    2. 4 conditions that can be misdiagnosed as ADHD
    3. The differences between how men and women take risks
    4. The most dangerous time
    5. True Survivor: Lorel Stevens
    6. ‘The hidden “Upside” to PTSD’
    7. Does Emotional Intelligence Make a Person Smart?

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  • September 2015

    1. National Recovery Month aims to reduce mental health stigma in adolescents
    2. 6 tips to comfort someone who has lost a loved one to suicide
    3. How to recognize when it is time to seek treatment for mental illness
    4. Jovon’s Story
    5. Sobriety Is Not Synonymous With Recovery
    6. ‘Recovering Joy: A mindful life after addiction’
    7. Is there such a thing as an “instant addict”?

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  • August 2015

    1. Break Free From Emotional Abuse
    2. IQ vs. emotional intelligence
    3. The science of savoring
    4. How to overcome an addiction
    5. Book Spotlight
    6. Press Release
    7. Staff Highlight

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  • July 2015

    1. Attention to angry faces predicts depression
    2. Hydration promotes happiness
    3. Upcoming events
    4. Summer activities for kids nurture
    5. Staff Highlight
    6. The Neurogenesis Diet
    7. Featured family review

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  • Jun 2015

    1. Insomnia can be cured
    2. Schizophrenia might be more than one disease
    3. Upcoming events
    4. Sugar: Sobriety Friend or Foe?
    5. Staff Highlight
    6. Book : Life Is Short
    7. Featured Patient Review

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  • May 2015

    1. Treat Anxiety with Nutrition
    2. Mindfulness Meditation Alters Brain Waves
    3. 10 Wonderful Ways to Relax
    4. Living Healthy in the Office
    5. Staff Highlight
    6. World Beyond Your Head
    7. Featured Patient Review

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  • April 2015

    1. Alcohol Awareness
    2. Link Between Genetic Variation and Alcohol Dependence
    3. Book Spotlight
    4. Upcoming Events
    5. Giving Life Inspiring Hope
    6. Press Release
    7. Patient Review
    8. Meet Our Staff: Jamie Deans

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  • March 2015

    1. Sober World Magazine March 2015
    2. Helping Patients with a Fear of Doctors
    3. Patients with Heart Disease are More Likely to Battle Depression
    4. March Book Spotlight
    5. Opioid Addiction Crisis Fueled by Overprescribing by MDs
    6. Want To Be Mentally Tough?
    7. Meet Our Staff: Meghan Marcum

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  • February 2015

    1. Press Releases
    2. Overusing Electronics
    3. When Ethics Ends and Legality Begins
    4. Selective Memory Makes the Brain More Like a Camera
    5. February Book Spotlight
    6. Cocaine and Brain
    7. Misconceptions About Drug use in Pregnancy
    8. Meet Our Staff: Dr. Omar Faruk

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  • january 2015

    1. Press Releases
    2. Mental Imagery Help To Maintain Muscle Strength
    3. NAD Therapy And Addction
    4. Skip The Repeat
    5. January Book Spotlight
    6. The Truth About Loneliness
    7. Way To Control Internal Clocks Discovered
    8. Meet Our Staff: Anthony Thompson

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  • December 2014

    1. Press Releases
    2. A Year in Review with SHG
    3. Peroxisome – Alcohol Treatment
    4. Perfectionism and Suicide Link
    5. December Book Spotlight
    6. Mindfulness Treatment
    7. Buprenorphine Tapering
    8. Meet Our Staff: Armando De Feria
    9. The Beautiful Face of Recovery – Conference for Women

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  • November 2014

    1. New Fort Myers Treatment Location
    2. B Vitamins Boost Cognition
    3. November Book Spotlight
    4. Teen Sleep and Exercise
    5. Public Attitude on Addiction
    6. Meet Our Staff: Dr. Gross

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  • October 2014

    1. Suicide Crisis
    2. Emotional Freedom Technique
    3. Sociopaths vs Psychopaths
    4. Marijuana and Creativity
    5. Book Spotlight:The Upside of Your Dark
    6. Meet Our Staff

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  • September 2014

    1. National Recovery Month
    2. Pharmacogenetic Testing
    3. Mental Health Smartphone App
    4. Addicted to Eating Not Food
    5. Book Spotlight
    6. Meet Our Staff
    7. Press Releases

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  • August 2014

    1. Brain Mapping Aids Treatment
    2. Vivitrol: A Non-Addictive Approach
    3. Smart Recovery Handbook
    4. E-Cigarettes
    5. Meet Our Staff

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  • July 2014

    1. Sovereign Book Spotlight
    2. New Adolescent Program
    3. Awareness Month
    4. The Dangers of 4th July
    5. Mental Disorder:CDC
    6. Mental Health Problems Among Minorities
    7. Meet Our Staff

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  • June 2014

    1. Dual Diagnosis Treatment -Summer Review
    2. Military Funds Implantable Brain Chip Research
    3. Santa Barbara Killings Reopen Debate
    4. Video On Demand
    5. Free Networking Luncheon

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  • May 2014

    1. Remembering Beautiful Life of Elizabeth Giner
    2. Blood Test to Diagnose Depression
    3. June Is PTSD Awareness Month
    4. Chronic or Persistent Pain?
    5. Top Stories of the Month
    6. Meet Our Staff
    7. Free Networking Luncheon

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  • April 2014

    1. Sovereign Collaboration with WCSAD
    2. First Aid Drug
    3. Video on Demand
    4. Meet Our Staff
    5. Free Networking Luncheon

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  • March 2014

    1. Should The D Be Taken Out Of PTSD?
    2. Brain Awareness week
    3. Zohydro Could Be The Next OxyContin
    4. Meet Our Staff
    5. Video on Demand
    6. Networking & C.E. Events
    7. Who We Are
    8. Utilizing Insurance

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  • February2014

    1. Los Angeles Networking & Dinner
    2. Orange County Networking & Dinner
    3. Los Angeles Networking & Luncheon
    4. Symposium on Recovery Resources
    5. Who We Are
    6. Utilizing Insurance

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  • January 2014

    1. Genetic Testing
    2. Awareness Month
    3. Brain Development in Teens
    4. Meet Our Staff
    5. Symposium on Recovery Resources
    6. Networking & C.E. Events
    7. Who We Are
    8. Utilizing Insurance

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