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New “State of Addiction Policy” Article Live on Sovereign Health’s Website

San Clemente, California – April 6, 2016 – Sovereign Health Group announces the newest article in its major editorial campaign, The State of Addiction Policy. This new series covers behavioral health topics relating to the United States presidential election and the current political landscape, running through Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2016. This latest editorial, “State of Addiction Policy: Reviewing state strategies for reducing addiction costs,” takes a look at the efforts of local governments to stem the tide of addiction within their borders. Starting with the ten states with the highest addiction rates in the nation, the piece examines the problems facing each state and explores the specific initiatives they’ve put in place to create positive change. To read the full article, click HERE.

This latest editorial follows the first two articles in The State of Addiction Policy series: “A timeline of changing attitudes toward addiction and treatment,” which examines where popular support used to lie on addiction and how attitudes toward addiction have changed over the last 100+ years; and the inaugural article in the series, “The growing shift to treat addiction as a health issue rather than a crime,” which takes a look at the gradual philosophical and strategic changes that have taken place over the years, as new scientific findings reveal addiction as a disease that affects the brain.

The State of Addiction Policy series encompasses multiplatform coverage, including investigative reporting, educational articles, infographics and interactive elements to both inform and engage the nation’s readership on the issues. Track this story and future campaigns at SovHealth.com, Facebook or LinkedIn. Readers may also follow this series on Twitter by searching for #StateOfAddictionPolicy and #SovTalk. Sovereign Health Group is a trusted source for news and developments on the topic of behavioral health. The behavioral health treatment center will continue to educate professionals, patients and readers on subjects that affect the future of mental health and addiction treatment.

About the Sovereign Health Group

Sovereign Health Group’s mission has been to provide a broad spectrum of high-quality behavioral health treatment services. Sovereign Health’s treatment programs specialize in addressing underlying mental health conditions by utilizing innovative and cutting edge cognitive testing, rehabilitation and evidence-based treatment modalities. One factor that differentiates Sovereign from other treatment providers has been the company’s ability to offer separate mental health and addiction or dual diagnosis treatment programs at its nine facilities in Arizona, California, Florida, Utah, and Texas. Sovereign’s growth will continue in the coming year with additional facilities to be opened in California and Texas. The company’s national footprint will also expand with the opening of facilities in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Sovereign Health Group offers high quality and comprehensive treatment programs for adults and adolescents, including support services for family members as well.


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