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Adolescent Treatment Program

Investing in our future

The Sovereign Health Group’s adolescent program at our Rancho San Diego facility is solely dedicated to improving the lives of young people battling substance abuse, mental health issues and co-occurring conditions. Upon admission, each patient receives a biopsychosocial, medical and psychiatric assessment from our staff. Then a treatment plan is drawn up and delivered based on the personalized results of these evaluations.

When treating a teenager, it is important to realize that his or her personality is still in the process of development. It is vital to communicate in a way that conveys the urgency of his or her situation without evoking an aggravated response. Once the wall of defensiveness is broken down, then treatment can truly begin.

The Sovereign Health Group understands that recovery begins with responsibility, as it is an irreplaceable virtue to gain as one develops into an adult. Every admitted adolescent is responsible for his or her own recovery; every treatment begins and ends with participation. The reward is sobriety, renewed self-respect and access to one of the most beautiful places in the country: San Diego.

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Adolescent substance abuse

The frontal cortex, which governs decision-making and rational responses, does not reach full maturity until about age 25. While the adult brain responds to drug and alcohol stimuli similar to the teenage brain, older individuals have developed self-control mechanisms that youth often lack. Without checks and balances, younger populations stand a small chance against resisting addiction if they slip into an abusive cycle of behaviors.

Substance abuse is an insidious disease for anyone to combat, but it is particularly difficult for younger populations. In addition to using drugs for recreational purposes, teenagers may utilize psychoactive chemicals to fit in, relax, increase concentration, self-medicate or escape from reality.

Our adolescent program treats the underlying causes that fuel the following substance addictions:

      Prescription drug       Cocaine
      Stimulants       Depressants
      Marijuana       Opioids

Sovereign’s adolescent program applies the same evidence-based modalities and holistic therapies to treat these problematic behaviors. Behavioral addictions include:

      Internet       Gambling
      Pornography       Cell phone
      Gaming       Social media

Adolescents across the mental health spectrum

Sovereign’s adolescent program specializes in treating mental health issues in youth as well. These include:

      Adjustment disorder       Brief psychotic disorder
      Bipolar disorder       Co-occurring disorders
      Bullying and cyberbullying       Mental health issues stemming from divorce
      General anxiety disorder—GAD       Post-traumatic stress disorder — PTSD
      Grief and loss       Cutting and other self-injury behaviors
      Mood disorders       Substance-induced psychotic disorder
      Phobias       Acute stress disorder
      Schizoaffective disorder       Oppositional defiant disorder — ODD
      Suicidal ideation       Anger issues

Maintaining a GPA while receiving treatment

Life goes on regardless of treatment for addiction or mental health issues. Our Rancho San Diego facility’s educational program, EDGE, offers a gender-specific classroom environment with top-of-the-line technology, an academic facilitator and tutors available. Although not a school, Sovereign Health has teamed up with Advantages Schools International, an NCA CASI accredited academic program, and local school districts in order to give adolescents the opportunity to obtain course credits. Patients will either be enrolled in an online credit-recovery course for any classes they have previously failed or a single course provided by the local school district, depending on their current transcript. Upon parental request, a less rigorous and more individualized course of academics can also be scheduled during treatment.

Alternatively, Sovereign also has White River Academy, which is a therapeutic boarding school for adolescent boys that is accredited as an educational institution by the state of Utah. It is one of the few residential treatment centers in the nation that provides instructive programming in a classroom setting while also addressing a host of behavioral health conditions.

Family therapy

The Sovereign Health Group understands that treating substance abuse or mental health issues in a teenager must involve the entire family in order to be effective. Our adolescent program contains an intensive family therapy component that addresses the interpersonal dynamics that are unique to each group of loved ones involved in recovery. These intensive services are provided in a supportive manner with the overall goal of maintaining or restoring positive relationships. We even offer workshops, education and therapy to patients who have newborns or children on the way.

Treating the developing brain

Our adolescent centers in Utah and Rancho San Diego provide a combination of all-encompassing treatment options. Overall, our unique adolescent program can reroute you or your teen toward the right direction. We are experts in treating youth with substance abuse problems, mental health conditions or both. If you have questions about our specific teen treatment options or are concerned that your child may be slipping down a path of self-destruction, our team of dedicated professionals can put them back on track through The Sovereign Way.

To learn more about our Rancho San Diego facility and our dedicated adolescent program, please visit: www.sovteens.com.

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