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Alcoholic Drinking Self Assessment

alcoholic drinking self assessmentGet to know your thoughts, feelings and behavior toward alcohol

Denial can be a powerful barrier in seeking treatment for alcohol abuse. Admitting there is a problem is one of the most difficult confessions to make, but it is the first step in seeking help. Alcoholism destroys lives and relationships and should therefore be taken seriously. Taking an objective look at alcohol habits may be the only way to admit there is a problem. The Sovereign Health Group has developed an assessment tool to help people recognize alcohol abuse and whether or not they should seek help.

Taking this test can be a great first step on the road to recovery. Treatment cannot begin unless a person recognizes his or her own symptoms. Objective assessments can help determine whether a person needs to seek medical attention or rehabilitation. Seeking treatment not only empowers a person to live a sober lifestyle, but it also could uncover other psychological disorders that are co-occurring with the substance abuse disorder. Upon entering treatment, individuals become aware of any underlying conditions, such as depression or bipolar disorder, which may have been masked by the alcohol addiction. Research shows that addiction can lead to psychological disorders and vice versa.

To learn whether you have a problem with alcohol or other substances, how severe your condition is and to find treatment that targets your individual needs, complete this assessment. Sovereign Health provides treatment programs, informative blogs and other supportive resources to help individuals overcome alcohol addiction. Do not hesitate to reach out for help, as a serious drinking problem cannot and should not be battled alone.

Sovereign Health Group is a residential rehabilitation treatment company for substance abuse, mental health disorders and dual diagnosis. Our expert staff provides our patients with cutting-edge treatment programming and a full continuum of therapeutic care monitored by various licensed health professionals.

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Do you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs?

No. Questions Yes No
1. Do you drink or use drugs to overcome shyness or to increase confidence?
2. Do you have financial difficulty due to drinking or using drugs?
3. Do you miss work due to drinking or using drugs?
4. Is drinking or using drugs causing family trouble?
5. Has drinking or drug use given you a bad reputation?
6. Have you had job or business loss due to drinking or using drugs?
7. Do you drink or use drugs to escape problems?
8. Do you drink or use drugs alone?
9. Have you had blackouts (loss of memory of events or actions when using drugs or drinking)
10. Do you feel remorse following drinking or drug use?
11. Do you need a drink at a definite time each day?
12. Do you drink in the morning?
13. Have you ever been hospitalized due to drinking or drug use?
14. Have you ever had medical treatment for drinking or drug use?
15. Do you drink or use drugs too much at an inappropriate time?
16. Do you make promises to yourself or others about your drinking or drug use?
17. Do you have to continue drinking once started?
18. Is drinking or drug use affecting your sleep?
19. Have you had an accident due to drinking or drug use?
20. Do you drink or use drugs to relieve mental anguish?
21. Do you have trouble disposing of alcohol cans or bottles?
22. Are you indiscriminate about people and places when you are drinking or using drugs?
23. Have you been arrested more than once for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs?
24. Has drinking or using drugs affected your health?
Your “YES” answer total:

One ‘yes’ answer: Be aware, you may have or may develop a problem with alcohol or other drugs
Two or more ‘yes’ answers: Indicates you have problems with alcohol and/or drugs and should seek help immediately

If you believe that you have or may have a problem with alcohol or other drugs, we can help. Call Sovereign Health Group to learn about our rehabilitation programs at 888-530-4614.

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