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Chapters And Meetings

support chapters and meetingsCongratulations on making the first step towards a better life

In order to ensure Sovereign alumni maintain their recovery, multiple options for continued guidance are offered to those who do not wish to stray off the healthy path again. Post recovery meetings bring former clients back together and can also reintroduce safety and security. Although these heartwarming feelings may fade at times outside of treatment, Sovereign Health is always there to give a well-needed boost and lend a helping hand. Sovereign Health believes in fostering long-lasting, comprehensive solutions to patients’ respective problems. While inpatient and outpatient treatments are widely recognized as the major first steps toward stable mental health, the company’s committed team of clinicians and other mental health professionals also offer their services even after a patient’s initial stay is complete. Many cognitive, behavioral, emotional or drug-related conditions are life-long. Modern research and experts alike both acknowledge that these ailments are not simply cured over a few months. One must be willing to maintain his or her recovery for a lifetime.

Mental illness, addiction and any psychological issues in between should not be battled alone. Even after undergoing therapy, transitioning into normal, everyday life again is not an easy task. Real-world challenges can burden the mind and even cause old symptoms to re-emerge. While a graduate of Sovereign’s extensive programs may be prepared to enter society again, coping with stress when it arises can be an entirely different story.

Sovereign Health Group is a residential rehabilitation treatment company for substance abuse, mental health disorders and dual diagnosis. Our expert staff provides our patients with cutting-edge treatment programming and a full continuum of therapeutic care monitored by various licensed health professionals.

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Sovereign’s alumni department developed an exciting program to assist in preventing relapse and providing a continuum of care. Be on the lookout for:

  1. Chapter meetings
  2. Continuing care process groups
  3. Community activities
  4. Continuing education
  5. Life skills courses

If you are a graduate of the Sovereign Health Group treatment program, we will soon be in contact with you to provide further information.

If you are a prospective patient and would like information about our treatment programs, please call the number listed above to speak with a member of our admissions team.

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