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Intensive outpatient program

A small piece in the big puzzle

Our detoxification programs are specified to each individual’s addiction, monitoring them closely to ensure that the body eliminates the substance with least amount of withdrawal symptoms possible. Patients who undergo treatment within 30 days of detoxification take 40 percent longer to relapse, if at all.

Our intensive outpatient drug detox program at Sovereign Health targets a range of drugs, from relatively minor addictions such as marijuana to more serious and dangerous ones like benzodiazepines, opiate withdrawals and alcohol. The latter addictions run the risk of death if abruptly withheld without supervision. Our team of highly-trained health care professionals tailors specific programs for each and every patient, making sure that they receive the safest alternate detox medication for their particular addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Intensive outpatient treatment programs have been identified as separate and distinct programs that provide services largely based on culture and linguistics. The intensive outpatient program consists of a scheduled series of sessions appropriate to the person-centered plans of the persons served. These may include services provided during evenings and on weekends and/or interventions delivered by a variety of service providers in the community.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are helpful for those recovering from an addiction that may not be able to commit to an inpatient program due to work, family, or other restrictions, or do not meet the criteria for an inpatient level of care. When a patient chooses IOP they are choosing to seek treatment for their addiction all while maintaining some normalcy with their home life.

The program may function as a step-down program from partial hospitalization, detoxification or residential services; may be used to prevent or minimize the need for a more intensive level of treatment; and is considered to be more intensive than traditional outpatient services. The intensive outpatient program is a step down in terms of level of care for patients who have either completed day treatment (full days of structured therapy) or need less intensive treatment because their issues are not severe enough to warrant a higher level of care.

Treatment with Sovereign

Our expert staff aims to provide an environment characterized by the highest level of safety. This is achieved through the utilization of the safest detox drugs and avoiding riskier techniques such as rapid heroin detox under anesthesia. Detox preps patients for the greater battle towards recovery. It is important to adopt a minimalist approach, complemented by addiction treatment therapy and the full support of our aftercare program. Our approach is methodical so that we help you through every facet of your recovery and in every step of your battle. We will be there for you in more ways than you realize.

IOP at Sovereign Health consists of three hours of group therapy Monday through Friday (weekends vary depending on insurance authorization and treatment plan). Patients at this level of care also receive one individual therapy session each week and can see the medical staff if needed.

Patients who stay with Sovereign to complete IOP treatment after finishing treatment at higher levels of care are eligible for sober living as well as meals which is offered as a scholarship by Sovereign Health.

Some patients who live nearby may choose to come to IOP and stay at their own residence after treatment has been completed. The exact details of the program can vary depending on the patient’s needs however the information above represents a general overview of IOP.

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