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Research best solution Congratulations on the first step towards a better life

Despite all odds, the battle against addiction is not a hopeless one. Picking the right treatment that is best suited to your individual needs is half the battle won. However, making this decision is probably one of the hardest and most stressful parts of your recovery.

Sovereign Health Group is a residential rehabilitation treatment company for substance abuse, mental health disorders and dual diagnosis. Our expert staff provides our patients with cutting-edge treatment programming and a full continuum of therapeutic care monitored by various licensed health professionals.

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How to research

The research begins with the identification of the issue(s) that you or a loved one needs treatment for. This can include drug or alcohol addiction, mental health problems or co-occurring conditions. While some facilities specialize in one area of therapy such as residential treatment, depression or PTSD, Sovereign Health has multiple areas of expertise including treatment for dual diagnosis and co-occurring conditions.

Important questions to ask

Make sure to consider the following questions when you are contemplating treatment. These questions will help you find essential information and make a well-informed decision.

  • Does the staff include a variety of professionals?

To learn about the staff at a facility, it is best to check on their licensing, degrees and certifications alongside ensuring a mix of disciplines among the staff so they can work on any underlying conditions.

Sovereign is home to a multi-disciplinary clinical staff and our support staff is highly qualified and experienced as well. Furthermore, we have registered dieticians, yoga instructors and other professionals who can offer therapeutic services and an all-encompassing approach to patients.

  • What types of therapies and treatments does the program offer?

It is important to ensure that the treatment program at a rehab center is the best fit for your unique requirements. Otherwise, you will risk relapse.

Sovereign is proud to offer an all-encompassing approach, utilizing a mixture of complimentary and alternative therapies along with group and individual psychotherapies. Our priority is the patient, never the disorder. This is why we do not just focus on the illness, but all the aspects of a patient’s life that are affected by it.

We are an evidence-based treatment center that provides complementary therapies such as individual and group therapy, along with alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation, art and equine therapy and nutritional counseling.

Sovereign offers services and transportation for support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery in combination with highly specialized recovery programs.

  • Where is it located?

A facility close to home can allow room for friends and family and lower the cost of travel. In contrast, those who wish to find a treatment facility farther away helps to remove them from the stresses of their life. Some find it soothing to partake in a program in the country while others may prefer to be near the ocean.

We offer both residential rehab and outpatient facilities on the scenic coasts of Southern California and Florida, alongside the calming landscapes of Arizona and Utah. These programs work to treat alcohol and drug addiction, mental health problems and offer dual-diagnosis.

  • What is the cost and does the rehab center accept insurance?

Treatment can be expensive, but you are not without help. The new insurance requirements of the Affordable Care Act provide coverage of mental health care that can help make rehab more affordable.

At Sovereign, all of our treatment programs accept most private insurance plans. We also accept both major insurance plans and private pay for our programs.

  • What is the level of family involvement?

Family and friends are significantly affected when their loved one falls prey to substance abuse. They, too, need support during the treatment process in addition to the recovering addict.

At Sovereign Health, we view the family as an integral part of each patient’s individualized treatment plan. The involvement of family members in the treatment process has a significant, positive impact on the patients’ treatment outcomes and recovery. Sovereign offers comprehensive and supportive family programs. We encourage family members to participate in weekly family groups and family therapy sessions to provide support to their loved one in treatment and re-establish relationships that have been damaged by the stresses of addiction.

  • Are there any aftercare programs offered?

An aftercare program provides support when the patient returns home and faces the many triggers, temptations and stressors are associated with daily life. This program acts as a step-down which can help reduce the risk of relapse and some programs include sober living residences to provide a more supportive environment when a person must return to work and other obligations. This may also involve group support meetings.

  • What license and/or accreditation does the facility hold?

It is mandatory for a rehab facility to have proper licensing in order to meet the minimal requirements for the city, state and other regulatory bodies. Accreditations from other various organizations show that the facility has gone above and beyond minimum requirements and met additional standards.

Sovereign is licensed to treat mental health and addiction, and most of our facilities are also accredited by the Joint Commission.

  • Are there any restrictions on the type of patients accepted?

While some treatment centers take in multiple types of patients, some only serve specific populations of people in order to provide better care for those patients. Sovereign has several facilities, each a pioneer in its discipline.

  • Our Chandler, Arizona facility is for women typically dealing with PTSD symptoms.
  • The locations in Culver City, San Clemente and Palm Desert provide separate housing for men and women, but joint group therapies for all groups.
  • Sovereign’s Rancho San Diego facility specifically caters to the complex needs of adolescents.
  • The rehabilitation facility in Utah particularly deals with young adolescent boys and their needs.
  • Sovereign’s facilities in Florida provide various treatment programs for both men and women.

The Sovereign Health Group looks at individuals and their specific needs. If an individual will not be able to get his or her specific needs met at Sovereign, the specialist team will advise the patient and family accordingly.

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