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Residential Rehabilitation

Residential RehabilitationYour home of recovery

If you or a loved one has made the decision to reclaim your life from addiction of drugs or alcohol, then inpatient residential programs might be a good fit for you. Inpatient care is the highest level of care on the spectrum that a patient can receive, requiring him/her to be in a hospital or a rehabilitation center. Residential rehabilitation is proven to help overcome addiction, as it provides you the necessary intensive therapy, support and resources.

Sovereign Health Group is a residential rehabilitation treatment company for substance abuse, mental health disorders and dual diagnosis. Our expert staff provides our patients with cutting-edge treatment programming and a full continuum of therapeutic care monitored by various licensed health professionals.

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At Sovereign Health, our residential rehab programs treat the symptoms of the entire patient, not just the addiction. All other conditions caused by or resulting from the addiction are taken into full consideration.

What is a residential rehab center?

A residential rehab center is a home where patients may reside throughout the term of their treatment.

The purpose of residential rehabilitation services is to provide individuals who have specific functional deficits with safe and stable living environments so they can develop recovery skills. Treatment services in residential rehabilitation feature a planned regimen of care for a minimum of 25 hours a week. These services, delivered by staff who are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, are designed for both adults and adolescents.

Why choose a residential rehab?

Research has proven that a residential treatment center affords the best chance for a full and long-term recovery. This is particularly true for those patients with a history of mental health disorders, drug overdose or risky behavior.

Effective treatment approaches are primarily rehabilitative in focus, addressing the patients’ educational and vocational deficits as well as the socially dysfunctional behavior. Treatment plans are based on the person’s specific needs, and treatment interventions generally are tailored to the person’s level of readiness to change. Some residents might need to focus on abstinence and preventing relapse to alcohol and drug use while others might need to focus on developing a sense of personal responsibility and positive character change.

There is a house manager to oversee that rules are adhered to and chores are completed. Patients benefit by learning how to be accountable and responsible and to rely on each other as they aim for long-term recovery. This prepares them in their return to home life and responsibilities by providing them with relevant tools.

Residential rehab at Sovereign

We do not believe in a typical lockdown. Sovereign homes provide a safe and stable environment in comfortable, home-like surroundings. Our residential patients receive a high level of support and encouragement during their stay, with the goal of a successful recovery always in focus. Our staff is available 24 hours during treatment, all the while supporting and encouraging patients. Patients are encouraged to participate in individual and group therapy during the day and also attend programs that teach coping and life skills and the tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patients share residences with other patients and have the opportunity to interact in a secure, supportive environment with qualified staff and counselors present.

The opportunity to live with other people who are fighting the same battle allows patients to interact with them in a secure space and share their thoughts and experiences. Our residential rehabilitation program provides patients with a home-like atmosphere to cater to their ease and comfort while they focus fully on recovery.

The duration of treatment depends on the person’s progress; however, longer exposure to treatment interventions is necessary to allow residents to acquire basic living skills and to master the application and demonstration of coping and recovery skills.

The goals of treatment are to promote abstinence from substance use and antisocial behavior and to facilitate change in the patient’s lifestyle, attitudes and values.

It is a great relief to family members to know that their relative is in safe surroundings where care is constantly available, and drugs and alcohol are not. The support and encouragement of the staff help a patient through the hardest part of withdrawal.

One of the benefits for patients at Sovereign Health is that hobbies such as cooking, yoga or attending a gym are actually encouraged. Patients appreciate the freedom, plus real-world exposure prepares them for the return home.

Hobbies and individual interests are highly encouraged while rules and guidelines remain in place and chores are attended to. This is intended to provide a sense of discipline, responsibility and accountability in order to prepare patients for their return to their routine life and home. Our focus is you, not the addiction. Hence, we provide individualized, tailored and evidence-based treatment programs that are designed to treat any underlying coexisting morbidity.


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