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Sovereign Health Group introduces Charlene Templet

Program Director, Sovereign Health of El Paso

Charlene Kaye TempletCharlene Templet oversees the staff and programming at Sovereign Health El Paso’s detox and therapeutic programs. She is currently working on her doctorate in psychology from California Southern University. She holds master’s degrees in gerontology, human resource management and professional mental health counseling as well as a graduate certificate in online teaching and learning from Webster University.

Throughout her career, Templet has managed and supervised mental health, gerontology and independent supported living facilities. She has also taught classes on various subjects of psychology at Drury University and Columbia College, Missouri. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, she has provided individual, group and family therapy in both inpatient and outpatient settings for a wide range of behavioral health conditions.

Templet has also dedicated herself to lobbying for a number of behavioral health issues, working closely with Governor Susana Martinez, Congressman Beto O’Rourke and New Mexico State Senator William Burt.

About our facility

Sovereign Health of Texas is a 70-bed facility offering residential and outpatient treatment for adult female and male patients. Our bilingual staff can provide care in both English and Spanish.

What sets Sovereign apart from our competitors is our comprehensive approach to treatment. Substance abuse is rarely, if ever, a standalone condition. Most addicts and alcoholics present with underlying mental health conditions. Conversely, substance abuse is prevalent among the individuals with mental illness. These individuals get caught up in a vicious cycle of illness exacerbated by substance abuse. The only end to the perpetuation of the cycle is to address both conditions concurrently.

Our treatments

Our facility is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services for substance abuse treatment. At present, we are not licensed to provide care solely for a mental health condition, but in keeping with the Sovereign charter, we do treat dual diagnoses. This being Texas, we call it Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders (COPSD).

COPSD covers a host of conditions. As we all are aware, the line demarcating substance abuse and mental illness is not always clear. Operating under COPSD affords us the ability to examine the patient’s entire history of substance abuse as well as his history of abuse. We believe the key to effective treatment is recognizing when these two histories intersected. That is when the healing can begin.

Serving our community

El Paso presents unique challenges for us. We have a large Mexican population, and I can see the border crossing from my office window. Texas regulations require family participation in treatment. This is not easy to do when often half of the family resides across the border. Those of us who work here are keenly aware the of drug cartels’ presence. It’s just a fact of life. We have our share of patients with depressive disorders, substance abuse and substance abuse-induced psychosis as well as PTSD cases.

I’m from Missouri. I completed my undergrad and postgrad degrees and got my start in the business there. While I have fond memories of my home state, Missouri has a huge heroin problem. I mention this to highlight the simple fact: every place has its problems. Here in El Paso, we have our share of substance abuse and co-occurring problems. Addiction remains the same, mental illness remains the same, and treatment remains the same.

Sovereign Health of Texas is currently providing comprehensive treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. I am excited at this opportunity to bring quality, affordable care to the residents of this wonderful community.

What Our Clients Say

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