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The Sovereign Health Group is known for following an effective plan when treating individuals recovering from mental health disorders, addiction and co-occurring conditions. Our philosophy known as The Sovereign Way follows a commitment to individualized, clinically driven and evidence-based treatment for our patients. Sovereign uses cutting-edge technology and high-quality treatment methods to provide each member of our many programs with the tools needed for a lasting recovery.

Supported and state-of-the-art programs

Sovereign Health provides well-supported behavioral health treatments for mental health disorders, drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders, also known as dual diagnosis. Each therapeutic and rehabilitative strategy we employ is backed up by a library of research studies and a collection of renowned experts. We are also dedicated to innovation, a quality that is best portrayed by our catalog of new and customizable therapies, allowing those seeking aid to access the best options for their own well-being. This includes group and individual therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), solution-based therapy and various types of process groups to build a sense of solidarity during recovery.

We also include alternative forms of care such as yoga, meditation, equine therapy and more depending on the specific center. For example, our San Clemente location is one of the first facilities to offer a natural assisted detox program. This holistic treatment is composed of organic nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will help a patient through the purifying process. Natural assisted detox also quickens the duration of detox, reduces discomfort and helps the brain repair itself. This wide array of treatments bestows each admitted individual with the support he or she needs. The Sovereign Way of recovery is vital in teaching people the required skills to overcome destructive behavioral patterns and the temptations of relapse.

Mastered methodologies

Sovereign Health specializes in providing top-of-the-line treatment for our patients with co-occurring conditions. We make sure to diagnose and treat any and all underlying psychological conditions that may accompany a mental health disorder or addiction, thereby increasing an individual’s chance of a more permanent recovery. This consists of conducting a three-part assessment, building an action plan based on its results and consistently checking up with people to ensure the right combination of treatments are optimizing their outcomes.

The Sovereign Way also represents how we view recovery as an ongoing journey throughout life and help provide effective treatment that extends beyond when our patients walk out the door. We offer a continuing care program for all of our alumni, led by a group of compassionate alumni services team. Along with case managers, our Technology Enhanced Aftercare and Monitoring (T.E.A.M.) service continues a close connection with our program graduates by informing them about hosted events, providing additional resources and instilling relapse prevention skills as they return to their everyday lives.

Giving back to our communities

Sovereign contributes openly to the medical community. We produce informative blogs, publish monthly newsletters and create other media materials in order to keep our visitors and subscribers up-to-date with the behavioral health industry and Sovereign Health in general. In addition, we host educational seminars at Sovereign Health’s multiple California locations as well as online webinars that teach attendees more about various health topics and award them with one C.E. credit.

The Sovereign Health Group is also unmatched in its provision of residential treatment (RT), partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) that address behavior-based issues in a manner and setting that fits the situation. We currently operate facilities in California, Arizona, Utah and Florida, each equipped with a well-trained and multi-disciplinary staff. With a number of new locations to open in the future, we are able to provide services to more diverse populations and demographics across the country. Each treatment center is situated in a serene and safe setting where patients can focus on rebuilding their lives without the stress and burdens of society hindering the process.

The overarching goal of The Sovereign Way is to look beyond the stigma of mental health disorders and addiction and strive to improve the state of human beings in need. To accomplish this monumental task, our caregivers provide innovative, comprehensive treatment modalities, holistic alternatives to traditional recovery and continual support every step of the way. Most of all, our priority in providing behavioral health solutions is specialized to each and every individual we serve. By following this personalized path towards wellness, our patients can progress on their own terms and at their own pace.

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