Relationships in Recovery 

Interview: Repairing damaged relationships in substance use disorder treatment and recovery

Q&A Featuring Sovereign Health’s Monica Powers, Psy.D., Director of Clinical Development at Sovereign Health of Los Angeles The vast majority of individuals with substance use disorders experience relationship problems as the result of their drinking or use of other drugs. We spoke with Monica Powers, Psy.D., director of clinical development at Sovereign Health of Los […]

Should I date a person in recovery?

You’ve met a magnificent person and have already been on five wonderful dates. Everything is going great. At the end of your sixth date, however, your partner drops a bombshell on you: “I’m in recovery.” What do you do? Should you tell your friends or family members? Should you continue to date this person? Or […]

4 signs your relationship is toxic

When you’re in the midst of a bad relationship, it can be difficult to figure out what’s normal and what’s abnormal. Is what you’re experiencing just part of the typical ups and downs of a relationship? Or are you actually in a relationship that is unhealthy and making your life worse? Here are four signs […]

How to approach a loved one with a drug addiction

Drug addiction can be a scary experience, and many individuals lose their lives to drug addiction. Whether it is addiction to opioids, cocaine, street drugs or alcohol, breaking the addiction cycle may be the most difficult experience an individual could go through in his or her life. Why it’s so difficult Addiction is difficult to […]

“Relationships in Recovery” Quiz

Relationships are complex and some can even be abusive. See how you do as you navigate through these three scenarios. Start Quiz

Relationships in Recovery Guidebook

Topics in the downloadable guidebook include: How to choose a treatment provider How to recognize an overdose How to manage cravings What to do after a relapse How to reconcile damaged relationships How to conquer legal and financial problems

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