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Wendy Allen is the Public Relations Manager for The Sovereign Health Group. Before coming to Sovereign she worked in the film and television industry for 18 years at Paramount Pictures. She also worked in the health care industry at various companies and increased her knowledge base of the field she is now working in. She is a storyteller who finds the joy in creating stories that will improve the lives of those who read and hear them.

She aims to remove the social stigma attached to mental health disorders and substance abuse; to allow individuals to live with dignity, but reach out for help as soon as they know they need it. She wants them to understand that this is a disease and like a person with cancer, they have a place to go and get the help they need. To come out of the dark and into the light and realize they can be helped.

Her goal for the PR department is to reach as many people as possible with media that matters and to make Sovereign a household name. She is driven toward this goal because she sees what Sovereign can do for the community and how it treats its patients, and it is unlike any other company in our field. She wants to create a communications platform that will reach everyone, everywhere. She sees our company addressing issues that pop up in national conversation and provide actual information that is neither slanted nor spun. As the mental health conversation warms up, Wendy wants to be sure that Sovereign is at the forefront of the audience’s mind.

Wendy believes in waking up every day with a peaceful mindset and committing fully to the tasks at hand, whether it is at work or at home with her family. Being present and focused in either environment is key to being successful. When she is at work, she is here to accomplish her goals and push her department forward toward their goals. At home, she is an avid reader who loves hanging out with her teenage son and fiancé while working on other creative projects.

Wendy is very excited to be at Sovereign as she feels like she is on the ground floor of something extraordinary. She cannot wait to put minds together and make something magnificent, as Sovereign could very well be the most dynamic health care organization out there!

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