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09-29-14 Category: Addiction Treatment

Business professionals who are dealing with a substance abuse problem are more common than one might think. Addiction is no respecter of age, gender, ethnic background or income level. Career-focused professionals typically also have the intelligence and critical thinking skills to hide their addiction from family members and co-workers. For executives, hiding an addiction is […]

Mindfulness therapy works to rewire the brain during addiction recovery
09-25-14 Category: Addiction Treatment

After habitual substance abuse, studies have shown that the brain actually rewires itself to accommodate the addiction, relying less on normal “rewards” in life and more on the drug. This is why many addicts tend to value nothing else in life other than the drug they are dependent on. However, a recent article published in […]

09-19-14 Category: Recovery

For those struggling with a mental health disorder or trying to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, some form of therapy will almost always end up being part of their treatment. Therapy is meant to help an individual deal with emotions, trauma and problems in a safe and understanding environment so that these issues will […]

09-16-14 Category: Mental Health

It is well known that exercise can help improve a person’s health for a number of reasons. But it isn’t just good for the heart; it’s also good for the mind. It has been found that regular exercise and physical activity can help improve a person’s mental health. Ashish Sharma et al point out in […]

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