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Climbing up the downward spiral: Cell phone ‘addiction’ and the work, play relationship
01-08-15 Category: Addiction

It happens more often than we would like to admit; sometimes we find ourselves scrolling through our phones, feverishly looking for something that we just cannot quite remember. After a moment, or several, of flicking our thumbs and watching the screen roll like a slot machine, we then slowly start to realize that the reason […]

How to improve workplace communication
01-08-15 Category: Cognition

A workplace consists of a team of professionals working toward a common goal. Each individual does their part to ensure the success of the organization as a whole. Naturally, this dictates that clear communication both between departments and within departments is essential. How can all employees, regardless of their roles and responsibilities, do their part […]

Anthony Thompson, Senior Clinician:  Sovereign Health of Arizona
01-07-15 Category: Treatment Centers

What brought you to Sovereign Health? After completing my studies at Ottawa University and earning my Master’s in Counseling with a Trauma Specialization, I did not find many positions that were a good fit for me. Most agencies do not treat dual diagnosis patients and many agencies are narrowly focused or specialized. Thankfully, Dr. Sue […]

01-06-15 Category: Recovery

Substance abuse has the ability to destroy the health and happiness of one person along with that of their family. It has claimed a number of lives, but thankfully there are programs available to those struggling with addiction that can offer them a new chance at life. The recovery process is not only difficult for […]

01-06-15 Category: Mental Health

Although the “power of belief” sits on top of a mountain of anecdotal evidence associating it with everything from better overall health to even sending cancer into remission, a relative few have dared to conduct any actual scientific studies on a topic as controversial as this. However, a Ohio University research team put the idea […]

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