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02-23-15 Category: Mental Health

If a person is dually diagnosed with a severe mental illness and a substance abuse problem, are improvements in their mental health or in their substance abuse more likely to reduce the risk of them being violent in the future? Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe people with mental illness who have co-existing […]

02-13-15 Category: Addiction Treatment

Society often judges those who are addicted to one substance or another and if that person happens to be a powerful business woman or mother; then judgment is amplified tenfold. Women who are caught in this pickle of a problem cannot simply go into rehab, but they know they have a problem, and that’s where […]

UK announces pill to reduce alcohol dependence
02-10-15 Category: Alcohol Abuse

National Health Service (NHS) patients in the UK will soon have access to a drug designed to reduce alcohol consumption. Already being prescribed in Scotland, the drug nalmefene, also known as selincro, is taken in pill form once daily and reduces the urge to drink alcohol. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, (NICE) […]

02-06-15 Category: Mental Health

At the end of 2014, the U.S. saw its unemployment rate drop to 5.6 percent, the lowest it had been in the last six years. While this is by all means great news, this also implies that the country’s workforce is now slightly more occupied with those from the 20 percent of the population that […]

02-06-15 Category: Mental Health

In modern times, many businesses and industries are seeking new methods of disseminating information. In the past, seminars have been held to increase awareness for all employees and departments in a workplace. Presently, a number of professional organizations have begun to offer webinars that are intended to be a virtual equivalent of this. Many now […]

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