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03-27-15 Category: Mental Health

One of the most controversial issues attached to mental health disorders is the criminalization of those who are facing such personal illnesses. Statistics show an alarming rate of these occurrences, with an estimated one in five people in jails or prisons that have been diagnosed with a mental disorder. This is a far less ideal […]

03-27-15 Category: Addiction Treatment

When it comes to addictive potential, methamphetamine is one of the more alarming controlled substances, perhaps surpassed only by heroin. Those who abuse the drug are often unable to stop, as physical dependence may develop after even a single use. In the meantime, the drug presents clear dangers, causing users to become physically ravaged and […]

03-26-15 Category: Mental Health

Narcolepsy is a persistent brain disorder which is defined by not having control over one’s pattern of sleeping and waking. Those with the condition may experience periods during the day of severe tiredness that occur unexpectedly, along with interrupted sleep at night. The bouts may last in length from mere seconds to a number of […]

03-24-15 Category: Addiction

Cocaine has long been known to be a controlled substance with a high potential for dependence addiction. This is due to a number of different reasons, including physical tolerance that develops, along with the short lived nature of its effects. However, a recent research study on mice determined there is a bacterial protein that causes […]

03-24-15 Category: Mental Health

Every year, nearly 7 percent of adults in the United States experience a major depressive episode. This means that in a room of 30 students, the average class size at a community college, two people are suffering from some form of depression. In a large lecture hall of 200 students, approximately 14 people have depression. […]

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