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03-23-15 Category: Mental Health

New research from the Yale School of Medicine demonstrates a relationship between abnormalities in the white matter of the brain and bipolar patients who attempt suicide. The findings were released on December 9, 2014, at the annual meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology in Phoenix, Arizona. Researcher Hilary Blumberg, M.D., and colleagues conducted brain […]

03-23-15 Category: Alcohol Abuse

Although alcohol abuse can have damaging effects on just about every organ in the body, the damage to the brain can be significant, especially if the alcoholic also has acquired a thiamine deficiency.  Thiamine, or vitamin B1, deficiency targets the cells of the nervous system and heart, causing deficits in motor coordination and cognition, as […]

03-20-15 Category: Behavioral Health

When it comes to relationships, science has contributed a lot. It determines what traits make us more attractive and why. It has even told us what makes certain “bedroom-related acts” more bonding between partners. Now, scientists have discovered the recipe for a lasting relationship. Several studies have produced findings that agree on two main behaviors […]

03-20-15 Category: Mental Health

As the seasons change and our days get shorter, many people continue on with their lives, adjusting to fewer hours of daylight. In some cases, a person may not have such an easy experience. With fewer hours of light during the day, some may be facing a change in their moods. This condition is known […]

03-19-15 Category: Mental Health

People who suffer from mental illness often suffer in silence. Fortunately, the rise of independent game development has provided creative minds with an outlet to depict these struggles and share their experiences with fellow sufferers and their families. Here are four video games that explore mental illness: Elude (depression) In Elude, the player controls a […]

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