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For many people, summer means beach trips, vacations, camping and warm weather. For children, teens and college students, summertime is associated with freedom from school, as well as positive vibes and emotions. The last day of school is a day of celebration for most. The famous song, “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper illustrates this excitement: […]

07-02-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health

During summertime, the air smells like sunscreen. The sky is vibrant and bright until long after dinner. And a sip of ice cold lemonade feels just as restorative as a full body massage. Why? Lemonade – or any cool liquid, for that matter – does not gain mystical healing powers in the summer. Summer is, […]

07-02-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health

When people are depressed, the sky seems darker, the mountains seem taller and the world seems bleaker. They might see every person they pass on the street as irritated or judgmental. Depression makes the whole world seem harsher. Why? The answer might have to do more with altered attention than altered perception. The study A […]

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