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The stigmatization and history of schizophrenia
08-27-15 Category: Mental Health

Stigmatization of the mentally ill has been practiced for generations. Schizophrenia is among these stigmatized mental illnesses, evoking a lengthy history of violence against those simply in need of treatment. Researchers from the Stanley Medical Research Institute and The Stanley Division of Developmental Neurovirology attempted to gather information about the extent of this violence acted […]

Gloucester begins pilot program to help addicts find recovery

Gloucester, Massachusetts is a quaint sailing town off of the northern shore of Massachusetts and has been gaining some unfortunate notoriety for its ongoing problem with opioid addiction. The Gloucester police department recently began a pilot program for drug addicts, which divert them from the harsh cycle of prison life and into addiction treatment centers […]

IDK: Head trauma and memory loss
08-19-15 Category: Recovery

Memories are constantly processing, defining all past and present experiences. Certain injuries and illnesses can alter or completely erase memories, creating distress for the victims and their loved ones. The National Institutes of Health finds memory impairment the most common symptom of severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Concepts essential for understanding memory loss focus how […]

Is there a genetic link between mental illness and creativity?
08-19-15 Category: Mental Health

A new study published in Nature Neuroscience suggests that creativity and some mental illnesses may share similar genetic markers. The results showed that a higher percentage of individuals with bipolar disorder participated in creative professions when compared to the general populations. Writers also were more likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness than those […]

Jail diversion program for the mentally ill could save Baton Rouge taxpayers big bucks
08-18-15 Category: Mental Health

A financial report commissioned by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation shows that opening a treatment center for the mentally ill could save the Baton Rouge taxpayers $55 million over 10 years. The new policy is designed to get criminals who are struggling with mental health disorders out of prisons and into treatment facilities. The report […]

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