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Common hormone disorders – Impacts on physical and emotional states
09-30-15 Category: Emotion, Health and Wellness

Hormones are taken for granted until something goes wrong, just like many other aspects of physical and mental health. Chemicals can impact mood, metabolism, growth and so much more in the human body. Production of these substances gone awry can provide physical and mental detriment. The thyroid is critical to the endocrine system. The former […]

Anxiety versus empathy – Building empathy and facing stress for better relationships
09-30-15 Category: Anxiety, Emotion, Mental Health

A life of heightened pulses and overwhelming emotional stress affects much more than physical health, studies show. Recent research finds anxiety hinders emotional connections, specifically feelings of empathy. Experts from the department of psychology at the University of Iowa and other institutions were interested in how anxiety affects interpersonal relations. Scientists looked at 1,300 subjects […]

A culture of pressure – Palo Alto youths demand change in school culture
09-30-15 Category: Mental Health

The graduating class of 2015 at Henry M. Gunn High School, in Palo Alto, California went through a string of tragedies in the months leading up to their last days as children. Since the previous October, three current students and a recent graduate from Palo Alto high schools lost their lives to suicide. This example […]

5 productivity apps combat Internet distractions
09-30-15 Category: Cognition

In 2011, Nielsen made a startling discovery — Americans spend almost 1 in every 5 minutes online on social media sites. In 2012, that number had climbed to 1 in every 4.3 minutes. Often, the allure of social media is too great. Facebook and Twitter pull people away from their work, and YouTube burns away […]

5 ways to declutter your mind

For a space that doesn’t make a sound, the mind can be the nosiest place in the world. The mind is full of constant chatter from reminders about deadlines, errands and meetings, to your own voice telling you to stop and take time for yourself. From listening to friends, family and co-workers, to learning what […]

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