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When cleaning the “Mess” is no longer an ordinary struggle

Hoarding is now defined as a legitimate disorder. As many as 15 million people in the U.S., men and women equally, struggle with diagnosable hoarding. The hoarded objects can range from plastic bags to old cars and almost everything in between. Mess: One Man’s Struggle to Clean Up His House and His Act is an […]

Mental illness in film: The importance of realistic portrayals
09-25-15 Category: Mental Health

In classic Hollywood films, people with mental illness are all too frequently portrayed as inhuman monsters. Villains are often “psychopaths,” or people suffering from a nonspecific mixture of mental disorders that only serve to make them violent and unpredictable. Or protagonists with mental illness are locked away in asylums and become tragic figures. These days, […]

Risky business: The differences between how men and women take risks
09-25-15 Category: Behavioral Health

The world since existence has been a flurry of gender wars and fights for equality. A woman of power is still a semi-new concept. Today not all women stay home to cook, clean and take care of the children. Today’s women are CEOs, doctors, lawyers, educated and breadwinners. Although the gender gap still exists, it […]

4 conditions that can be misdiagnosed as ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most commonly diagnosed behavioral disorders in children under 18, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Is ADHD really that common? What if doctors were confusing ADHD with other, similar disorders that emerge during childhood? Children are often diagnosed with ADHD when they experience sleeping […]

ABC’s of LGBT – Removing the mystery of intersex people and their challenges
09-25-15 Category: Health and Wellness, Mental Health

The word “intersex” isn’t used in most households. Even though the vast majority of people are not born intersex, raising awareness of this demographic is beneficial for those living with the condition, their support systems, therapists and medical professionals working in society. While understudied, a few pieces of research do exist covering the psychological impact […]

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