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The psychology of difficult people - Unfriendly rivalries
10-29-15 Category: Emotion, Mental Health

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” – Abraham Lincoln In a workplace where employees strive to do their best and get ahead in their careers, it’s not uncommon to come across the occasional rivalry. While having an opponent may sound exciting to some, there are studies, such as one […]

The literal face of depression - How facial-recognition technologies can recognize depression

The human face is very expressive compared to other parts of the body. How people communicate can vary greatly depending on their facial expressions and what they indicate about his or her words. Certain motions of the face are nearly ubiquitous among various cultures. Recent technological advances help some researchers learn the emotional states behind […]

Alumni Spotlight: Lance B.
10-29-15 Category: Mental Health

Lance B. What was your life like before coming into Sovereign Health? I was straight up powerless over alcohol/drugs and my life truly became unmanageable. What are the most difficult parts struggling with addiction/mental health? It felt like I was sailing in the sea with no direction. After a while even the most mundane of […]

The psychology of difficult people - The culture of clash
10-28-15 Category: Mental Health

Eventually, children want some independence from their parents. Once grown, they desire physical and mental autonomy, but certain mothers and fathers feel the need to exert control long after it’s appropriate, necessary or conducive to mental health. One study focused on the well-being of children with overbearing parents. This research, hosted by the University College […]

When “caregiving” means much more
10-27-15 Category: Mental Health, Rehabilitation

A story appeared in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in April 2014. It was called “In sickness and in health: A couple’s final journey.” The story was not only nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, but went on to win several other renowned awards. It widely documented the real life events of Christopher MacLellan’s role as a […]

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