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Myths about mental illness that make matters worse
02-29-16 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health

A shocking half of Americans are diagnosed with a mental disorder at some point in their lives. One in 4 had a debilitating mental health problem in the past year, which is twice as many as those who had the flu. Now with so many suffering, perhaps Americans are changing their attitudes about mental illness […]

Slowing down neurodegenerative diseases

A healthy human brain contains about 100 billion neurons, or nerve cells — these cells are the cellular basis for all of our memories, thoughts, sensations (e.g., taste), emotions, movements and skills. Neurons quickly receive and process incoming information and transmit “messages” to where they are needed. Long, branching extensions from the cell body of […]

Combating heroin addiction in Vietnam vets and what we can learn in today’s epidemic
02-28-16 Category: Addiction, PTSD, Recovery

Opiate use was prevalent among American soldiers deployed in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War — an estimated 10 to 20 percent of soldiers serving in Vietnam were addicted to heroin and other illicit drugs. The 1970s “heroin epidemic” affected a large percentage of U.S. soldiers serving in Vietnam and substantially increased the number of […]

Are you listening to me? - The psychology of selective hearing
02-27-16 Category: Cognition

You bellow from the kitchen to your husband to clean up after his pet alpaca. No response. You try again, even louder. Boswell the dog nearly passes out from the noise, but still no reaction from your heart’s own. Fearing for Boswell’s welfare, you bring the mountain to Mohammad. You find him iris-deep into the […]

Dry January and the trend of voluntary sobriety

Now that holiday hangovers have been packed away with wrapping, and Valentine’s debauchery has become as unpalatable as cheap chocolate and stale hearts, there’s no longer an excuse to forgo your resolution to quit drinking, well, at least for a month. Increasingly, celebrities and social medialites are broadcasting their voluntary sobriety, or abstinence in individuals […]

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