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Obama's executive actions on mental health and gun control
02-25-16 Category: Mental Health

In face of high-profile mass shootings, President Barack Obama called on Congress to initiate measures that would address access to guns and, expectantly, reduce gun violence. Despite several pleas, Congress did not act. So the President is now utilizing multiple executive actions to combat gun violence: 1. A $500 million investment is proposed to increase […]

Effects of addiction on children

Each year, more than 9,000 babies abandoned at birth are drug-exposed. In 2004 alone, roughly 1.84 million parents of minors were admitted to public treatment systems. There were likely a percentage of families involved in private substance abuse treatment and even more who don’t get treatment at all. According to the National Survey on Drug […]

The effect of addiction: On siblings
02-23-16 Category: Addiction, Anxiety, Rehabilitation

“Watching someone you love being rearranged and turned inside out while they try to hide, manage, deny, recover or live with mental health problems and alcohol and other drug use…” This is the portentous introduction detailing strong emotions a sibling of someone with addictions and co-occurring issues feels; it’s detailed on a website dedicated to […]

Focusing on women’s mental health challenges
02-22-16 Category: Mental Health

In 1851, Charles Dickens paid a visit to London’s St. Luke’s Hospital for the Insane. Afterwards, he wrote: “The experience of this asylum did not differ, I found, from that of similar establishments, in proving that insanity is more prevalent among women than among men. Of the 18,759 inmates St. Luke’s Hospital has received in […]

How cultural messages play a role in eating disorders
02-22-16 Category: Mindfulness

Mae Lynn Reyes-Rodríguez, a clinical psychologist at the University of North Carolina Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders, believes that even after 25 years, research on eating disorders remains largely focused upon Caucasian women. She highlights the urgency to focus on how cultural diversity and messages influence eating behaviors and ultimately eating disorders. Eating disorders […]

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