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A future killer under our roof? What one parent would do differently
04-30-16 Category: Mental Health

“I wish I had learned how to communicate differently with him and how to listen better. … I wish I had realized that things can seem perfectly fine when they are not, and the other lesson I wish I had learned is to shut up and listen.” This is Sue Klebold, a mother who mourns […]

Meditation provides pain relief without engaging the opioid pathway
04-29-16 Category: Medicine, Research, Treatment

Researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine, University of Oregon and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center have found that mindfulness meditation — long known to help reduce pain — works by engaging a neural pathway that is completely separate from the one targeted by opioid pain relievers. These results not only explain how mindfulness meditation […]

Alcohol Awareness Month: Resources for getting help with alcoholism
04-28-16 Category: Recovery, Sober Living, Substance Abuse

It is never too late to seek support for alcoholism or alcohol abuse and turn one’s life around. If you have made the decision to do so or are trying to get help for someone you love, here are a few resources among many others to start the journey to recovery. 1. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) […]

The importance of depression screening at regular doctor visits

Americans visit their physicians for a multitude of reasons: a common cold, allergies, diabetes, hypertension, an annual women’s examination and for mental health disorders such as depression. The U.S. census has determined that Americans have been visiting their doctors less and less over the years, making each appointment with their physician more valuable. From a […]

What the smiles of political figures communicate
04-24-16 Category: Communication, Mental Health

Research on how leaders smile reveals there is more to those ear-to-ear grins than vote pandering. Politicians and leaders smile (or don’t) for a variety of reasons. Some are cultural (big smiles are big in the West; not so in the East). Others are used to deflect, to palliate and to disarm. As this article […]

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