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Why isn’t the opioid epidemic going away?

The opioid epidemic is real and may be here to stay. If you search “opioids” in Google, 8,760,000 hits come up and that number is growing. It is difficult to read or watch the news without coming across an article on the opioid epidemic in America. These prescription painkillers are one of the most widely […]

The surprising benefits of male bonding
05-30-16 Category: Emotion, Recovery, Relationships

“I love you, man!” “Bromances” – an easier way to describe a tight, platonic friendship between two men – are often portrayed humorously. Male bonding is a faintly ridiculous thing, judging from television and movies, with a clownish aspect that invites jokes. Even now, guys aren’t expected to be emotionally open, even with each other. This […]

Lack of mental health treatment: A living hell for people in Indonesia
05-28-16 Category: Advocacy, Mental Health, Treatment

Imagine living in a country where you are shackled or forced into an institution and subjected to unwanted physical and sexual violence, physical restraints and seclusion, and treatments like electroconvulsive “shock” therapy without consent just for having a mental illness. “Pasung” — the shackling or locking up of a person in a confined space for […]

FDA has approved opioid abuse treatment implant

  On Thursday, May 26, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved Titan Pharmaceuticals’ opioid agonist device Probuphine for implantation in stabilized opioid recovery patients. This comes four months after the FDA’s advisory committee recommended the implant. Braeburn Pharmaceuticals CEO Behshad Sheldon said training for administering doctors can begin as soon as Memorial Day weekend could be […]

Apple’s CareKit app helps patients manage their chronic pain
05-27-16 Category: Health and Wellness, Self-help, Treatment

According to the Institute of Medicine, about 116 million Americans suffer some sort of recurring pain. That’s more people than the entire population of the Philippines. You’ve got an alarm to take your pills (the ones you take 30 minutes after a meal), and another reminder to take the other pills on an empty stomach. […]

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