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Music benefits mental health and encourages prosocial behavior
07-25-16 Category: Coping, Recovery

It’s been said, “When you are happy, you enjoy the music; when you are sad, you understand the lyrics.” Truly there are few unifiers as deep and timeless as music. Whether you relate to the songwriter, performing artist or fellow fans, music has the power to help listeners breathe peace, create a space for release, […]

It’s not just physical: The psychology behind an Olympic athlete
07-25-16 Category: Emotional awareness, Psychiatry

Michael Phelps, Amy Van Dyken, Carl Osburn and Serena Williams may not all be ordinary household names but all share one thing in common — they are all U.S. Olympic gold medal winners, one of the toughest achievements and most notable titles in the world. Qualifying for the Olympics is one of the greatest rewards […]

When it’s do or die: Learning about ‘Negotiating the Nonnegotiable’
07-25-16 Category: Research

Almost everyone has been there. You and another person have to resolve a conflict, be it in business or in your personal life. However, the problem doesn’t appear to be one that you both can solve. Whatever it is, you just can’t find a solution to the problem. So how does one negotiate the seemingly […]

Gas lighting: A wicked form of mental abuse
07-17-16 Category: Mental Health, Relationships, Trauma

Rooms illuminated with gas light are notoriously known to feel unpleasant and oppressive. Being manipulated by another person also feels unpleasant and oppressive. When someone manipulates another person into questioning his or her own sanity, it is called gas lighting. Origin of the term First described in the medical journal Lancet in 1969, the term […]

Ugly packaging used to dissuade cigarette purchases and use
07-16-16 Category: Health, Substance Abuse

  Smoking is a leading cause of premature and preventable death, chronic health problems and disease in the United States and the rest of the world. Thousands of chemicals and several dozen carcinogens are contained in tobacco products that can be extremely harmful to a person’s health, which can have negative effects on almost every […]

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