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Stress Awareness Month: Beware! Long work hours at desk may give stress and anxiety
04-28-17 Category: Mental Health

The world has shrunk into a cubicle, constricting the periphery of working professionals within the space of individual workstations. Staying glued to the desk is what millennials are doing. With the world at their feet, these young achievers have everything they want. They earn, they splurge and they enjoy like there is no tomorrow. Yet, […]

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day: Your unused meds may lead to addiction
04-28-17 Category: Addiction, Opioid, Treatment

Do you still have that bottle of prescription opioids in your cabinet or drawer of bedside table that you didn’t use after a visit to the dentist for extracting a tooth or after the ordeal of a hip replacement surgery? If that is the case, your carelessness could cost someone his life. You could be […]

Can cannabis bail out Illinois from deep financial trouble?
04-25-17 Category: Addiction, Marijuana, Treatment

The state of Illinois is in a deep financial crisis. The state’s financial comptroller says that the books are dreadfully abysmal. However, there could be a silver lining to the current scenario where cannabis comes to the rescue. If Illinois becomes the first state in the Midwest to decriminalize and tax the recreational use of […]

Alcohol Awareness Month: Heavy drinkers’ claim of handling alcohol is a myth, says study
04-24-17 Category: Addiction

“I know how to handle my drinks,” is an oft-repeated phrase by heavy drinkers. However, this statement is far from the truth, claimed a recent study led by a researcher from the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System. Over time, heavy drinkers might develop behavioral tolerance to alcohol that can help them handle some fine […]

WHO report on mental disorders will help countries reshape health policies
04-21-17 Category: Mental Health

A recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the global prevalence of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety and subsequent health loss arising out of them should be enough to give sleepless nights to the American policymakers and health care givers. Depression and anxiety account for major public health concern in the […]

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