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MMDA may help war veterans suffering from PTSD, says study
08-31-17 Category: Mental Health, PTSD, Treatment

A party drug primarily used in revelries for its euphoric effects may soon help patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) overcome the illness, claims a recent study. The researchers are using the drug in a clinical trial on war veterans plagued by PTSD. An illegal drug, 3-methoxy-4,5-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MMDA), is both a stimulant and a psychedelic. […]

Alcohol can take a heavy toll on memory
08-31-17 Category: Alcohol, Alcohol Rehab, Memory

It was a pleasant Friday evening and Andy was having a gala time in the friendly neighborhood bar, catching up with old buddies. He had already consumed way too many martinis with a couple more shots to go. Grooving to the latest tracks played by the live band with a glass in his hand felt […]

Vegetarian men more likely to suffer from depression, finds study
08-30-17 Category: Depression

There are myriad factors that may cause depression. The absence of a particular food item in a daily meal may also lead some people to exhibit symptoms of depression. In a new study titled “Vegetarian diets and depressive symptoms among men,” researchers suggest how removing meat from a man’s diet may cause him to suffer […]

International Overdose Awareness Day: America leads with 27% of world’s overdose deaths

As a beautiful morning dawns over the historic heart of the Midwestern town, a pale-looking homeless tramp in her mid-forties, with arms covered in tattoos and a ring in her eyebrow, walks staggeringly along the alleyway near the stretch of the High Street. Her hair is disheveled and the stench emanating from the vomit smeared […]

There Goes the Neighborhood: Police to Regain Access to Military Equipment
08-29-17 Category: Self-help

By Lise Millay Stevens Hold on to your hats, America. Actually, grab a crash helmet. Maybe some body armor, too. No, we’re not talking about the horrendous flooding that has inundated Houston and surrounding area in Texas. There is a dark and – if possible – more ominous storm gathering on the horizon. And this […]

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