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Families with parental mental illness recover faster with family support programs
09-29-17 Category: Anxiety

A lot of attention is paid to dysfunctional families, parents with drug abuse or alcoholism and the effect it has on children and even the whole family. There is even loads of literature on how to take care of a child with such problems. However, one aspect that is not really paid much attention to […]

SNL star Pete Davidson gets candid about mental health problems
09-28-17 Category: Mental Health

“Saturday Night Live” star, actor and comedian Pete Davidson revealed in the Marc Maron podcast recently that he is suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD). He spoke at length about his mental condition, and how the diagnosis was done after he checked into a rehab last year. He said that he is coping with the […]

Pharmacogenetics: A Personalized Approach to Drug Prescribing
09-27-17 Category: Drug Addiction

By Michael Cala The fact that medications work differently for different people is not news. When it comes to curing a headache, for example, people tend to know what medication works for them – some people might rely on aspirin, for example, while others may find ibuprofen more effective. In terms of prescription medications, physicians […]

People into sports more prone to drinking, finds study
09-27-17 Category: Addiction, Alcohol, Treatment

People usually harbor a common perception that those who are into sports would stay miles away from substances like alcohol and tobacco. However, a recent study has found that people who exercise regularly are likely to drink more than others who are not linked with any sport or do not exercise. The National Survey for […]

Another Nightmarish Bill Trashing Health Care Goes Down in Infamy
09-26-17 Category: Health

By Lise Millay Stevens Each time the public breathes a sigh of relief over the apparent death of repeated ‘repeal and replace’ bills to obliterate Obamacare, the Republicans find some new devilry to resurrect the unpopular GOP health plan. Like a collective Dr. Frankenstein, the Republicans have repeatedly created monstrous health care bills that rise […]

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