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Pharma giants feeling opioid heat
10-18-17 Category: Opioid

Opioid addiction is claiming more lives with each passing day in the United States. Experts attribute the ongoing opioid crisis to the deceitful tactics deployed by big names in the pharmaceutical industry in the early 1990s to flood the markets with painkillers. Studies suggest that in an attempt to further their sinister objectives, several pharma […]

Opioid emergency to be announced next week, says Trump
10-17-17 Category: Opioid

President Donald Trump on Oct.16, 2017, said that he would declare a national opioid emergency in the following week to combat the deadly crisis, which is ravaging the entire country. “We are going to have a major announcement, probably next week, on the drug crisis and on the opioid massive problem and I want to […]

Paranoia about eating healthy may jeopardize life
10-17-17 Category: Mental Health

The obsession about eating healthy can reach such a level in some people that it can become no less than a paranoia. Such people tend to live with strict, self-imposed rules that are difficult to adhere to. At the end, they become fussy eaters, putting their own lives at risk. For instance, take the case […]

Wrongful Convictions: Prosecutorial Misconduct Ruins Lives
10-17-17 Category: Mental Health

– By Allen Smith You’ve probably never heard of John Thompson. Most people haven’t. But Thompson’s story, and those of hundreds of wrongfully-convicted people whose lives are shattered by the U.S. legal system, should make all of us sit up and take notice. In 1985, New Orleans resident John Thompson was wrongfully convicted of two […]

Oktoberfest:  Tradition or an Excuse for Excessive Drinking?
10-17-17 Category: Addiction

By Dan Marzullo Oktoberfest is nearly synonymous with Germans eating schnitzel and drinking beer, although the party has stretched far beyond the boundaries of Bavaria. Observance of Oktoberfest has spilled into the United Kingdom, the United States and such far-flung and diverse places around the globe as Australia and India. The original event was held […]

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