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Mental trauma victims of Vegas shooting not entitled to receive help from $22m fund
12-20-17 Category: Trauma

Many survivors of the Las Vegas shooting on Oct. 1, 2017, one of the most horrific shootouts in the history of the country, are suffering with severe mental trauma. The shootout left 58 dead, hundreds injured physically and thousands suffering from psychological trauma. The ghastly act, unleashed by the perpetrator who sprayed bullets on an […]

Cocaine is being laced with synthetic opioids in South Florida, cautions DEA
12-19-17 Category: Substance Abuse

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA’s) Miami Field Division notified recently that in the last two years, forensic chemists discovered opioid-laced cocaine in over 180 samples seized by federal authorities in 21 counties, including Palm Beach and Broward, across the South Florida area. The Miami-Dade County led the seizures with 69 instances of cocaine cut with […]

Western societies will give up alcohol in 10 or 20 years, says drug scientist
12-19-17 Category: Addiction

Hangover-free synthetic booze could replace real alcohol in a decade or two, a leading drug scientist has claimed. According to Prof. David Nutt, a former drug advisor to the British government who teaches at Imperial College London, has predicted that western societies might stop consuming alcohol within a generation in favor of “alcosynth.” The synthetic drink […]

New synthetic version of oxytocin may help schizophrenia patients, say experts
12-18-17 Category: Schizophrenia

A research team from the University of Queensland in Australia has developed a new synthetic version of oxytocin, which may be used to treat mental health disorders like schizophrenia and anxiety without the risk of side effects. Researchers believe that being a naturally occurring hormone that acts as the brain’s neurotransmitter, oxytocin has the ability […]

Health insurer Aetna to waive co-pays for Narcan beginning 2018
12-14-17 Category: Addiction, Recovery, Treatment

To address the worsening opioid epidemic in the United States and increase the access to health care services, insurance provider Aetna has decided to waive the co-pays for Narcan, a powerful opioid antidote, for its fully-insured commercial members, beginning January 2018. This initiative will help in removing the financial barriers to the lifesaving medication. For […]

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