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Trump worried about surge in drug abuse in US, but says cities turning safe

President Donald Trump recently compared the 1960s with today’s opioid epidemic ravaging the United States and said that the drug problem in those days was nothing compared to the present situation. The current drug scenario in the U.S. is catastrophic, which he has termed as “carnage.” The spike in drug overdose cases is unprecedented, something […]

Weight-related diktats of glamorous world fuel eating disorders in models
01-25-18 Category: Eating Disorders

  “The Church says: The body is a sin. Science says: The body is a machine. Advertising says: The body is a business. The Body says: I am a fiesta.” ― Eduardo Galeano, Walking Words The massive objectification of women in the media has given birth to superfluous ideals related to physical appearance that are […]

Pete Wentz opens up about his bipolar disorder; says family, meditation and exercise helped recover
01-24-18 Category: Bipolar disorder, Mental disorders

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz, the lyricist, bassist and backing vocalist of American band Fall Out Boy, has another side to him – he suffers from bipolar disorder. Though most people know about his struggle with bipolar and the way he manages it, Wentz has never had any qualms about admitting it in public. Fortunately, at […]

Sounding the Alarm Bell: Philadelphia Authorizes Drug-Injection Sites
01-24-18 Category: Drug abuse

By Lise Millay Stevens On Tuesday, Philadelphia took the seminal step of authorizing medically-supervised facilities where people are permitted to inject illicit drugs, according to a report by the Philadelphia Enquirer. The sites, dubbed Comprehensive Engagement Sites, will be equipped to revive individuals if they overdose by administering naloxone and guide people with substance use […]

Increasing overdose deaths lead to high organ transplant rates in central Ohio

The United States is in the midst of a drug overdose crisis with both prescription as well as illicit opioids serving as the major driving factor behind all fatal cases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), five states with the highest rate of drug overdose death in 2016 were West Virginia […]

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