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Blow to marijuana legalization movement as Trump administration repeals Obama-led policy
01-05-18 Category: Marijuana

The United States Department of Justice has repealed an Obama-era marijuana policy, popularly called Cole memo that “eased the enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states legalizing the drug.” While the Obama-era policy discouraged U.S. attorneys from prosecuting marijuana-related cases in states with legalized laws, the new change in the policy would give the power […]

New York Governor on state-wide campaign against patient brokering fraud
01-04-18 Category: Drug abuse

Amid a new public awareness campaign launched in New York, the state’s public health officials have issued a warning against addiction treatment fraud targeting the residents. Launched in December 2017 by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the campaign aims at cracking down on brokers, also called body brokers or junkie hunters, and protecting patients from being sent […]

Dry January: How to make the most of it
01-03-18 Category: Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol Rehab

“Sign up, save money, feel great,” says the Alcohol Concern website, credited with the initiation of the Dry January campaign. Ever since the launch of the event, which encourages people to observe January as Dry January every year, millions of people have benefitted by abstaining from alcohol during the first month of the year. The […]

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