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Dieting: Not a Good Idea, Especially for People with Eating Disorders
02-28-18 Category: Eating Disorders

By Lise Millay Stevens This week marks Eating Disorders Awareness Week and the theme Let’s Get Real is a reminder that these disorders need to be understood, discussed and dealt with. More than 30 million people in this country will suffer an ED at some point in their lives. Those with an ongoing ED will […]

Eating Disorders Are Largely Biological
02-27-18 Category: Eating Disorders

By Dana Connolly Ph.D. Eating disorders (EDs) are not only common, but they are the deadliest of all behavioral health disorders; An estimated 30 million Americans experience eating disorder  at some point in their lives. The National Eating Disorders Awareness Week theme this year is Let’s Get Real, reminding us to expand the conversation and highlight stories […]

Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder following narcissistic abuse
02-26-18 Category: PTSD

Narcissistic abuse is a kind of psychological abuse that leaves its victim with lasting feelings of self-worthlessness, inadequacy, incompetency and not deserving of love or respect. The harm that narcissistic abuse can inflict on the victim can be crippling and lifelong. Narcissists generally abuse slowly and unrelentingly until they gain complete control over the minds […]

What Lurks Beneath: Eating Disorders Prevalent in Ice Skaters
02-26-18 Category: Eating Disorders

By Lise Millay Stevens The 2018 Olympics closed with the usual pomp and circumstance; those of us who stayed up late, riveted by the figure skating, will finally get some sleep. What people don’t know is that underlying the enchantment of the glittering costumes and breathtaking jumps and spins is a dirty little secret. In […]

Cost of US opioid epidemic has crossed $1 trillion since 2001
02-23-18 Category: Opioid

The opioid crisis in the United States has cost the country dearly, by not only taking lives, but also inflicting a severe blow to its economy. The epidemic has cost the nation over a trillion since 2001, said a recent study conducted by Altarum — a nonprofit that provides health care improvement solutions to clients […]

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