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Former cricketer Mark Richardson reveals his battle with anxiety
03-30-18 Category: Anxiety

Mark Richardson, former New Zealand cricketer and now a sports commentator for The AM Show, recently talked about his struggle with mental illness and his own ways of coping with the condition. Opening up on the show about his anxiety issue, he said that almost a decade ago he had a strong feeling that he […]

Ultra-restrictive prescription protocol leads to 89% reduction in opioid use after gynecology surgery, finds study
03-30-18 Category: Dual Diagnosis

Extended use of opioids in the post-surgical period leads to a higher risk of chronic opioid use, abuse and diversion. To minimize these risks and to ensure that patients received proper pain management solutions, researchers from the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and the University at Buffalo, New York, conducted a study where they implemented […]

Problem Gambling Awareness Month: Gambling addiction a major concern among military members and veterans

The military personnel are often seen as courageous, strong, disciplined and invincible people. However, people tend to forget that active military personnel and veterans stand equally vulnerable to trauma and mental health challenges. In such a situation, they run the risk of indulging in various activities that can prove to be harmful for both the […]

Florida State University lifts ban on alcohol for fraternities and sororities
03-29-18 Category: Alcohol

The indefinite alcohol ban imposed by the Florida State University (FSU) on all its 55 fraternities and sororities in November 2017 is all set to go away with the University authorities deciding to lift the restrictions. The university had banned the fraternities after the tragic death of 20-year-old student at an off-campus fraternity pledge. Talking […]

Explained: Amount of drug that can attract capital punishment under federal law
03-28-18 Category: Addiction

“How much is enough?” would now be the catchphrase heard not only in the dingy alleys of localities dotted with notorious drug dens, but also among federal law enforcement agencies. Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions urged federal prosecutors to seek capital punishment for drug trafficking crimes. In the wake of the unprecedented opioid epidemic […]

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