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Research identifies 44 gene variants that increase risk of depression
05-02-18 Category: Depression

Depression can be caused due to biological, environmental or psychological factors, but not much research has been done to determine the impact of genes on increasing the susceptibility to depressive disorders. A path-breaking study has now explored the effect of genetic make-up in identifying people who may run the risk of suffering from depression. The […]

Mental Health Month: Insurers taking advantage of loopholes in mental health parity law, say advocates
05-02-18 Category: Mental disorders

“My insurance company said my 16-year-old daughter’s mental condition had improved when it had actually worsened. They mentioned it wasn’t necessary medically for my daughter to visit her psychiatrist twice each week,” said 54-year-old Duncan Caber (name changed) of Chicago. In the past, Caber’s teenage daughter was admitted to the hospital twice with chronic bipolar […]

Marketing alcohol with lower alcohol content can increase consumption, says study
05-01-18 Category: Alcohol

Marketing alcoholic beverages with lower alcohol content can ironically increase total alcohol consumption. This has been established by a recent study conducted by the Behaviour and Health Research Unit at the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the Centre for Addictive Behaviours Research at London South Bank University. As part of the government initiative to […]

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