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Harms of inhalant abuse: It may even cause death
06-26-18 Category: Addiction

Human beings abuse various substances just to get high. Same way, there are some toxic chemicals that give a high on inhaling. These substances are commonly referred to as inhalants. Abuse of such substances, like glue, spray paint, nail polish remover, Freon (used in refrigerator and air conditioner) and aerosol is quite common. Moreover, these […]

Ketamine guidelines for managing pain released
06-22-18 Category: Depression

The American Society of Anesthesiologists in conjunction with the American Academy of Pain medicine and the American Society of Regional Anesthesia recently released guidelines for using ketamine intravenously for managing acute pain. It was derived that ketamine can be used as intranasal formulation, as an aide to opioids as well as a standalone treatment. Ketamine […]

Video game addiction is a mental disorder, says WHO
06-19-18 Category: Behavioral Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recognized video game addiction as a mental disorder. Acknowledging the extent of hazards and effects the condition can cause to an individual, the WHO recently listed the condition in its International Classification of Diseases (ICD) for the first time. According to the Classification, gaming disorder can be defined […]

‘John F Kennedy was a regular meth user’
06-18-18 Category: Addiction

John F. Kennedy had an addiction to methamphetamine which was injected into his throat by a German doctor, according to a report published online by Kennedy, who had a chronic back problem and Addison’s disease, would take crystal meth to deal with the crippling illnesses. According to the report, the former United States president […]

California is paying for users to test their drugs for fentanyl
06-06-18 Category: Addiction

With fentanyl-related deaths on the rise in California – estimates indicate they have nearly trebled between 2016 and 2017 – officials have come up with a novel idea to ensure the drug users’ safety. California’s public health department is now paying for users to test their drugs for fentanyl. The program began in May 2017, […]

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