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BASIS-Teen Pilot Project: McLean Hospital finds significant improvement in adolescents treated by Sovereign Health

Behavior and Symptom Identification Scale (BASIS) is a reliable way to assess the outcomes of mental health treatment services. The scale was developed in 1984 to determine the measures that can be implemented across clinical settings without increasing cost and witnessing other problems. To examine the overall impact of the treatment programs run by Sovereign Health, McLean Hospital conducted a survey on the adolescent patients treated at its facilities.

Being an interim report, it analyzes items instead of the domains of BASIS-Teen based on the data collected through Feb. 8, 2017. Since BASIS-Teen has not been validated like accepted scales, such as Pediatric Symptom Checklist for Youth (PSC-Y), Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC) and Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale for Children (BPRS-C), the publishers of these valid tools shared the data calculated based on their comparison and reference. The primary goal of including data calculated by both BASIS-Teen and other valid scales was to emphasize upon the relevance of the survey. It also assisted in providing impartial evidence about the quality of treatment and services offered to teenagers.

Findings of BASIS-Teen Pilot Survey

In the survey, teenagers, parents and clinicians were examined based on their response to a set of questions for each scale. While adolescent patients responded to over 24 questions at the time of admission and discharge, adolescent patients, parents/caregivers and clinicians replied to 35-item questionnaire of PSC-Y, 35-item questionnaire of PSC and over 21-item questionnaire of BPRS-C, respectively. The clinical outcomes were evaluated by comparing the admission and discharge scores (difficulty levels). This helped to assess the quality of treatment and services provided by Sovereign Health.

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BASIS-Teen scores

Figure 1. BASIS-Teen survey highlights significant reduction across all indicators, especially sadness, anger, aggression, etc. (refer to Table 1)

The admission and discharge scores of the BASIS-Teen questions suggest a marked level of improvement across all 24 psychometric indicators (refer to Figure 1). While remarkable improvements were witnessed in patients undergoing the treatment programs of Sovereign Health in terms of confidence, they expressed greater control over overwhelming and negative feelings like sadness, worrying about other’s opinion, anger, mood swings, and risky behaviors like hurting other and ending their life.  The urge to drink also reduced massively in these patients.  Such positive changes play a crucial role in ensuring long-term recovery from any form of addiction.

The results of the BASIS-Teen indicated marked improvements in teens’ symptoms and their level of functioning from admission to discharge from the treatment facilities (see Figure 1). Compared to those undergoing treatment at other organizations, teens undergoing treatment programs of Sovereign Health exhibited lower levels of difficulties and challenges at the time of discharge.

PSC-Y scores

Figure 2. PSC-Y scores highlight significant enhancement in cognitive and behavioral functions (refer to Table 2)

*An overall score of 30 and above is considered to be impaired; for anxiety/depression, a score of 5 and above is considered to be impaired; for attention problems and conduct problems, a score of 7 and above is considered to be impaired. Discharge scores (orange bars) show marked improvements from admission to discharge (blue bars).

The PSC-Y survey highlighted impressive enhancement in the problems related to depression, attention and conduct of adolescent patients (refer to Figure 2). By ensuring improvements in cognitive and behavioral functions, treatment programs offered by Sovereign Health assisted adolescent patients in increasing their performance in daily life.

PSC Scores

*An overall score of 28 and above is considered to be impaired; for anxiety/depression, a score of 5 and above is considered to be impaired, and for attention problems and conduct problems, a score of 7 and above is considered to be impaired.

Figure 3. PSC scores indicate marked improvement in the level of anxiety and depression of patients (refer to Table 3)

The PSC scores displayed a noticeable decline in the level of anxiety and depression in patients post treatment at the Sovereign Health facilities (refer to Figure 3). In terms of cognitive and behavioral functions, both PSC-Y and PSC scores corroborate the effectiveness of the treatment programs.

BPRS-C scores

*Scale (Severity Level): 6 and above = extremely severe, 5 = severe, 4 = moderate severe, 3 = moderate, 2 = mild, 1 = very mild and 0 = not present 

Figure 4. BPRS-C scores indicate improvement in withdrawal and psychomotor skills (refer to table 4)

By alleviating withdrawal symptoms and improving psychomotor skills, like movement, coordination, dexterity, speed, etc., the scores of BPRS indicate holistic recovery from substance abuse among adolescent patients. Considering the importance of psychomotor skills in daily functioning, the scores highlight the holistic approach of the treatment programs run by Sovereign Health. Moreover, by reducing withdrawal symptoms, these programs are diminishing the chances of a relapse.

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Holistic treatment for better outcomes 

As Per the interim report of the McLean BASIS-Teen Pilot Project Survey, patients treated at Sovereign Health for mental, emotional and behavioral health conditions witnessed significant improvement in their symptoms across the domains. The data also showed that patients experienced better outcomes when treated at Sovereign Health compared to other centers that participated in the McLean BASIS-Teen Pilot Survey.

Sovereign Health’s comprehensive behavioral health treatment plans are based on measurement-based care to ensure clinical efficacy and the best outcomes for all patients. McLean Hospital’s report shows yet again that Sovereign Health is fulfilling its commitment to provide cutting-edge and comprehensive treatment to each patient passing through its doors.